Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What you’ve heard is true. The Scary-Art Shadow is creeping across the earth....

From the Scary-Art Collective blog

"Scary-Art" was a term coined in early 2006 by friend, art-lover and gym owner, Chip Conrad, to describe the paintings of Nicolas Caesar. Not entirely unlike Mary Shelly’s creature, Scary-Art has taken on a life of its own since that moment several moons ago. Yes, it still describes Caesar’s art, but it also describes his outsider artist friends and cohorts who began showing with him in Sacramento’s midtown muffin shop galleries and any other venue that would have them. Now "Scary-Art" describes a group of maladjusted misfits who pal around and spend their time painting, sculpting, gluing, photographing, stitching and repurposing whatever catches their fancy, as well as the things they have painted, sculpted, glued, photographed, stitched and repurposed. And so the Scary-Art Collective came into the world. Love us or hate us, here we are.

Recently, Caesar and fellow scary artist John Hageman, Jr. began work on a few new web comic projects. First, we were treated with entertaining tales of zombified warts, morons at street fairs and drawings of ’Satan’s Onion Ring’ in Nicolas Caesar’s Grindhouse. While only a few weeks into their newest experiment, "Schadenfreude," we’ve learned that sometimes Gremlins like to wear hotpants (why NOT hotpants?) and that you can fit 17 happy meal toys up an emo kid’s ass if you really try. These twisted weeklies were teamed up with Hageman’s irreverent "Social Vermyn" web comic, and Scary-Art Comics, as Douglas Adams so aptly put it, ’had suddenly been called into existence.’

And here we are, with the virtual ink still wet on the latest web comic, giving you MORE news about another sprouting tentacle of the Scary-Artctopus. We are excited to announce the unavoidable approach of
SCARY-CRAFT! Go ahead. Shut lock your doors and bar your windows ... the E6000 fumes will creep through the cracks and find you. Stay tuned as we build onto our "brand" with a new logo, web page and get ready for our first show later this year!

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