Monday, March 17, 2008

FOUND! (Why you self-centered, egotistical, attention mongering...)

FOUND IT! In the current issue of Midtown Monthly, there’s a photo of Mary Westmark with my stuff in the background. A few pages later, there’s something about Scary-Art Collective pal and super-awesome chica, Char Hall too! Char’s getting me a copy or 2. (Evie, we have an issue dogeared for you and the SAC press file!) Thanks to everyone who responded!

p.s. Don’t miss the article on Skinner’s art!


original post:

I heard from an awesomely hot chica and fellow artist/crafter (Kukaru Stationery and Vintage Vespa Vigilante) that there’s a photo of my work, albeit in the background, floating around in a local publication.

I’m looking for a copy paper/magazine (I think it’s Midtown Grid?) with the CoolCat article/blurb in it. If you have it, please let me know what issue it is!