Friday, March 21, 2008

The Great Glue Debacle of 2008

I was surprised the other night when I perused my glue shelf (oh, shut up) and realized a key ingredient was missing.  I had industrial glue, wood glue, fabric glue, stretch fabric glue, gem glue, mod podge, glitter glue, krazy glue, hot glue and even solder ... but no white glue.  Hell, I didn’t even have a glue stick that wasn’t so old and dried out that it didn’t look like a vanilla bean!

The subject came up again in a message banter with a fellow artist and I decided I’d better take care of my glue deficiency before I went looking for it at midnight on a Saturday again.

I went to Michaels.  Although they don’t carry bookbinding glue (my newfound best friend), they did have a pretty good selection of the tacky white stuff.  I grabbed some Aleen’s classic Tacky Glue along with the fast-grab version and turned to get in line.  As always, it was snaking back through the floral department and everyone was looking mighty crabby.

This is not the first or even the fifth time I’ve reshelved stuff and, as I walked out without my stuff, thought, "Wal Mart isn’t THAT evil, is it?"