Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Night of the Creators - "scary" or "pretty" as you like it: TONIGHT

Tonight, we'll be treated with a really fun little project that the "Crafty Chica Creativity Cruisers" really loved on the 2009 floating art retreat. Our very own Yoli will be demonstrating a very simple, yet superbly awesome little silk scarf project using stuff you must certainly have around the house.

Yoli's "demo" scarves for the altered silk scarf tutorial/demo. You won't believe how easy they are to make!

silk scarf project
I turned this baby out in less than 30 minutes on the Crafty Chica Cruise under Yoli's tutelage!

Silk scarves and the "magic ingredient" are available to anyone who would like to make one of their own for a supply fee of $3. Yoli will also have other supplies Psssst! If you have some favorite permanent markers (Sharpie, Copic, etc.) or a favorite color of alcohol ink, bring it with you. You might also want to bring any of your favorite stamps, fabric paints and/or permanent ink pads (like Staz On).

TONIGHT! Join us for Sacramento's original FREE craft night on Tuesday, March 31st, from 6-9pm (or any portion thereof) at Side Show Studios aka "a clean, well lit place to craft."

You know the drill: bring your project and your supplies and create as you are wont to do. All adults & mature "tween" artists, crafters and creatives of any type are always welcome! You can even use this time to get away from the drudgery of home, drama and the little ones and catch up on some of those magazines gathering dust. It's your time - use it as you please.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Glimpse Into My Past To Tide You Over

OK gang, so I'm off to San Diego for the Crafty Chica art cruise and then for a few extra days in the S.D. with my artsy friends Alisa and Ann.  That means I probably won't be posting much, if at all, until after the 22nd, but I'll be Tweeting from the ship for sure!  Until then, please enjoy some blackmail photos from my past (in chronological order) that recently showed up through some "friends." 

These photos also serve to answer the age-old question, why doesn't Krissi ever want to go out? (A: She used up all of her partying in her teens and twenties.)

Halloween 1982 (?) TOGA!  1983 Sr. Prom - June 2, 1984 Fashion Victim alert! October 1985 Halloween 1990

P.S. Note to self: Yoli got flagged and searched by airport security for the "suspicious embellishments" in her carry-on; be sure to pack glitter in checked luggage.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Silly and Relaxing Day

Since I'm going to be gone for a full week, Ron will be 'Doggie Daddy' while also continuing his responsibilities as primary doggie/kitty/birdie kibble provider. Conveniently for me, Allyson will also be gone next week (she'll be at SXSW with Kev, Kepi and a few other musical types), so my gym schedule won't suffer any more that it already has this week thanks to my poorly-timed cold. Unfortunately for Ron, that means he can't do the 2 birds/one stone thing by bringing Abby to Body Tribe for a Lulu play date while he works out. SO, in an attempt to avoid the inevitable holocaust (bored JRT + kitties = hubby goes nuts), I found a great all-play doggie day camp here at PetSmart in town and Abbers went for her first session today.

Well, as soon as I dropped Abby off, I realized I had 3 to 5 hours where I didn't have to worry about her brain poaching inside of her skull if I left her in the car; NOR did I need to worry about certain death at the paws of Finnegan if I left her at home. Can you say PEDICURE? I almost fell asleep in the chair as soon as my feets hit that warm water. To top it all off, I have hot pink toes to match my hot pink hair just in time for the cruise next week. After a leisurely walk (no poop bags involved), I spent over an hour in Target trying on clothes I didn't need and finally settling on a few necessities (which included a new stick blender for Ron). It was heavenly. I now understand how stay-at-home Moms can 'have all day' and still get nothing done.
My 'day off'

I decided to run one more "errand" on my way to pick Abby up, and dropped by Borders to pick up the now infamous issue of Mark Lipinski's Quilter's Home magazine. Of course, while there, I browsed every single section - just 'cause I could. I haven't peeled off the protective plastic wrapper (err... "condom"), but I will report back once I have.

ABBY DID GREAT! As expected, she hated being left alone during lunch-naptime (squealed and whined), but loved everyone and everything else. I called Ron with the good news and he asked, "Are you going to put a bumper sticker on your car?" Ha ha. No, but I am going to post the report here and tape it to the fridge.

Abby's Progress Report
So there.

Oh yeah, and my objective was achieved. Case in point - tired dog (1).
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Monday, March 9, 2009

ATCs for the Crafty Chica Cruise NEXT WEEK

Once again, I am headed southward to partake in several days of crafting upon the high seas with a group of crazy chicas. On Sunday, I'll be departing from San Diego, along with 49 other craftistas, for four days of gluing shit to other shit. Awesome.

On the evening of day one, we are doing an artist trading card (ATC) exchange so I started creating individual stamped and painted ATCs a couple of weeks back. Some I created using prints of my original paintings, some using Skelekitty stamps and some just using stuff I had around the studio. I have 29 or 30 of these little babies - 25 are pictured here:

Stamped (mostly) ATCs for Crafty Chica Cruise 09

Soon, I realized I'd only made 30 when I looked back on this huge amount of work. Trying to figure out how NOT to reinvent the wheel and create another 20 or 30 cards, I was hit with an idea. Make a Lotería set using my own paintings, art quilts and mixed-media works!
El Pastelito (The Cupcake) Loteria by Krissi Sandvik La Catrina Loteria by Krissi Sandvik-c Los Enamorados (The Lovers) Loteria by Krissi Sandvik La Sirena (The Siren/Mermaid) Loteria by Krissi Sandvik La Calavera (The Skull) Loteria by Krissi Sandvik El Perro (The Dog) Loteria by Krissi Sandvik El Robot Loteria by Krissi Sandvik La Gaseosa Lite (The Diet Soda) Loteria by Krissi Sandvik El Zapato (The Shoe) Loteria by Krissi Sandvik La Dama (The Lady) Loteria by Krissi Sandvik

And a selection of the resulting ATCs (yay for Stickles glitter by Ranger!):
Loteria ATCs for Crafty Chica Cruise 09

It's a good thing I finished these last week, since I am suffering from a pretty icky cold and I want to be sure I'm well before Saturday! Wish me luck.

I'm looking forward to trading my cards with other crafters and playing in glue, glitter and ink for a whole week. For now, I have Nyquil, my snuggly doggie and a pillow.
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Friday, March 6, 2009

Pimpin' My Pals: Kit Cameo/Kit's Glass

Like everyone else, I've been trying to cut back on my spending, but every now and then a girl just HAS to buy herself something sparkly (no, not blood diamonds).  Just the other day, I ordered a mirror pendant and my first piece from my pal, Kit Cameo of Kit's Glass, and it arrived in today's mail!

My new Kit's Glass sacred heart pendant - it's even prettier in person!

It was one of five "experimental" pieces, so she put them on her Etsy site at a price I would have been nuts to pass up.  Not only was it totally affordable, but now I'll be able to sport a piece of her awesome etched art on the Crafty Chica Cruise in just under a week!  I know the other craftistas will be JEALLLLLLLOUSSS.

So for those of you who have yet to be introduced to Kit's amazing work, let me tell you that this woman produces QUALITY!  She etches original designs onto glass items of every purpose, size and shape that will appeal to pirates, latinas, punks, wiccans and suburban housewives alike.

What are you waiting for already? Go get some sparkling artsy goodness!
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Skelekitty Altered Domino Necklaces For Everyone

Howdy skelecats and skelekittens. Remember my recent post about the way cool altered domino necklace with Skelekitty's puss stamped on it that I received from my pal Bekah?
Krissi & Bekah

I have been wearing it just about everywhere and receiving tons o' compliments. Not only are folks admiring it, they're asking where they can get one of their own. Not wanting to disappoint, Bekah immediately whipped up about twenty more (with both Skelekitty's and my blessings in the form of a handshake license) and is in the process of listing them in her Etsy shop, Under The Tuscan Zen (it's free to shop!). As of this writing, four of the pieces below are listed, but the rest will be up soon.

Prices range from $30 to just over $40, depending on whether you choose a hand-beaded necklace or a ribbon pendant. All pieces are hand stamped, colored using high quality paints and inks and then sealed. I also happen to know that she will happily accept custom orders, so if you want the stamp from one necklace, with the colors from another and you want it with a pin-back, all you have to do is ask!

While you're over there, be sure to check out some of Bekah's other awesome pieces featuring hand stamped dominos, dichroic glass beads and wire work.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

New (ish) Skelebat Print Available

Until today, prints from my original art quilt, Goin' Batty, had only been available at art shows or to those in the know (sorta like ordering off menu at In N Out). 

Goin' Batty
Goin' Batty art quilt - © Krissi Sandvik 2007 all rights reserved

I'm pleased to announce that Skelebat has now been added to both the Skelekitty family and the growing number of art prints available in my Etsy store:
detail Goin' Batty

All 8x10" prints in my shop are printed on high quality archival photo paper and are enclosed in a professional clear envelope with an acid free cardboard backing.  Included with each print is a 1/2 sheet page with the title, information on the original art piece and my name and signature.  Prints are $15 each plus $4.80 Priority Mail shipping and, should you feel inclined to order more than one, shipping on the second print is only a penny.

Here are a few of the prints currently available in my Etsy shop:

I know money is tight with everyone and prints are a great way to collect art you love without breaking the bank.  So is there an original piece of art you'd like to have as a print?  Just let me know - I am very happy to offer new prints upon request.
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