Thursday, March 20, 2008

non sequitur (NOT for the squeamish!)

I’ve told folks we have a snake. His name is Elvis and he’s a "lavender phase" California King.

When he was 11, his owner died in a car accident and he started bouncing from home to home. Being the suckers that we are, and because I love all critters whether they have two legs, four legs or no legs, we took him in.

He's a snake, so he eats mice, right? Well no matter what any macho asshole will tell you, it is NOT natural to throw a live mouse into a small cage with a predator. For the psychological welfare of the mouse and the physical welfare of the snake, we feed "Mice On Ice" ... after they’ve been thawed and brought back to body temp in a cup of warm water.

So last night, I wanted a ’nice cup of tea’ and found this sitting in the microwave:

I kept picturing that the tail could be used to "dunk" the mouse like a teabag.

I laughed so hard that I couldn’t stop laughing or coughing and made Ron take a photo.

For those who are icked out and still read the blog despite my warning, please know that I've spared you the details from the Exploding Mouse episode (the time Ron hit the "Cook" button instead of the "Defrost" button); and of course the What's That Smell debacle (when he forgot to remove an uneaten mouse from Elvis's feeding bin ... for a week).