Monday, December 31, 2012

Teaser: Grand Reopening Shenanigans (and giveaways)

Let the shenanigans commence!
Happy New Year's Eve, folks!  Thought I'd drop by and let you know -well, give you a teaser, at least- about the shenanigans Skelekitty and I have planned for the New Year.

We're Moving!  As you may already know, I've been slowly moving all of my in-stock items from the ArtFire and Etsy shops over to my new store, which will be located at (you can click it now for a sneak peek).  I am getting ready to launch LATER THIS WEEK and will be celebrating with some deals, coupons and yep, GIVEAWAYS!

FREE STUFF!!  While I will be giving away stuff from my own stash, I'm also in cahoots with other folks, including some familiar brands like Corporate Rejects members Madd Style Cosmetics and Brooke Van Gory Designs, as well as some folks I'm excited to introduce to my fan base:  You will meet ceramicist extraordinaire Sara Lynch, my favorite geek-pop band The Kimberly Trip, and the wild and wooly Bewhiskered (not just for kids).  Each of these artists are donating something extra cool, probably chosen by yours truly!  I have a few other people I'm talking to, so keep your eyes peeled on the blog for all the prize details, including how to enter for each giveaway.

The New Shopping Experience:  The new shop interface is very customizable and will allow me to modify it based on customer feedback.  While shopping, you will be able to sort items by type and theme (Day of the Dead, Geekery, etc.), and can also search by key word or title, if you wish.  If there's something you can't figure out or something you wish you could do, drop me a note by e-mail or by using the "contact" page on the new site.

Payment Options: The number and type of payment methods accepted on the new will expand to include PayPal, Google Checkout and secure credit card checkout processed by Stripe.  Yay!  I know many of you will be thrilled that direct credit card checkout is returning!

The Shops Left Behind (sad trombone):  For those wondering what's going to happen with the current shops on ArtFire and Etsy, here is my current plan:
  • Etsy ( I've never had much luck with the famous Etsy traffic, which isn't to say it might work for other brands and shops.  As it is, I sell about enough there to cover my fees.  The items in the shop now will remain through February when those listings expire, and then I'll reevaluate the situation.  Payment on Etsy will be via PayPal only.  I recently learned that there is little protection for sellers when it comes to fraudulent or cancelled custom orders; therefore, the Etsy shop will probably contain only ready-to-ship overflow, clearance items and prints.
  • ArtFire (  I had a good three-year run on ArtFire and probably would have stayed if there hadn't been so many technical glitches, surprise rollouts and bad communication.  With that said, I know I have customers who go there first, so that shop will remain open for at least the first few months of 2013 and will probably carry prints only, with the occasional clearance or overflow item.  Payment on ArtFire will be through PayPal only.

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for the big date and, if you haven't done so already, sign up for the newsletter (upper right hand on my blog).  There will be some newsletter only giveaways!

In the meantime,

Happy 2013!  Krissi & Skelekitty
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

FREE Downloadable Skelekitty Gift Tags Are Back!

As you all know, every now and then I like to make special items available for free.  From a marketing standpoint, it's good publicity.  From a human standpoint, it's just good.

So for the third holiday season in a row, I'm bringing back the FREE non-denominational Skelekitty gift tags/stickers (also great for non-holiday gift-giving)!  You don't even have to buy anything from me.  :)

Just click on the image you would like (yep, you can have both - nobody is keeping track).  Then, from my Flickr page, click "Download original size of this photo" to save the full sheet of tags to your computer.  Print them out, cut them and attach them to gifts (handmade, of course)!

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Blessed Solstice, Happy Festivus, Positive Mid-Winter Celebratory Greetings, Good Luck Getting Through The Zombie Apocalypse and/or Happy 2013 to you all, however you acknowledge these cold and short days indoors.

Love,  Krissi and Skelekitty

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Tutorials I Wish I Had Come Up With: Weeping Angel Barbie

I can't offer this project an introduction that adds anything, so I'll just post a teaser pic and the link right here.

"Weeping Angel" Barbie by Sarah at Wich-Crafting!
Yep.  There's a tutorial.
I can't believe what this woman was able to do with a hot glue gun!  
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Holiday Orders (deadlines and incentives)

We're closing in on those winter gift-giving holidays and my guess is that, having just survived Halloween, many of you are beginning to panic.  Sure, there's plenty of time left to shop, even from handmade shops, but time is quickly running out to order custom work that will be delivered by Christmas.  My shop is no exception, so here is a rundown of the what, when and how for Christmas presents (since Hanukkah is early this year, custom deadlines have passed already).

Some people think skeletons are scary, but what's really scary
is finding out you missed an order deadline for Christmas!
mixed media on canvas panels, Red Catrina [left] and Flamenco Dancer [right]

Deadline for Christmas Delivery:  I will accept Christmas orders for mixed-media/canvas panel pet portraits (or any other subject you like) through the end of next week.  Orders must be completed* on or before Sunday, November 18.  

Just head on over to and check out the "custom art" section of my shop.  If you want a size that is not listed, or if you would like a non-pet portrait or multiple animals in your painting, please contact me at to arrange for a personalized listing (deadlines apply for delivery guarantee).

IncentiveMany of my customers like to have the painting at home and a print at work, so here's something to sweeten the pot:  I will include one of my 8x10" prints of your custom piece with 11x14" and larger canvas panel paintings, when your order is completed* by the end of the day on Friday, November 16.

*Some fine print:  A "completed" order means that I have received payment and all commission requirements including desired colors, style and any photographs I may need to work from.  Payment alone does not guarantee delivery before Christmas - I must have all information required to begin work. 


1" and 2" glass and resin art pendants
available from and
Side Show Studios in Sacramento, CA
There is a great selection of pendants ready to go out on my next shipping day (within 7 days) at and in my Etsy shop, which has been re-opened with limited inventory.

If you are in Sacramento, you can purchase some of my most popular images on art jewelry from Side Show Studios (and I always recommend shopping locally when you can!).

I will continue to accept custom orders for pendants, but the turn-around-time is dependent upon the weather conditions, so I recommend you order early.  Christmas delivery may not be an option if the temperature drops or it begins raining.


select art and art boxes
available at Little Relics
in Midtown Sacramento
Sacramento locals can purchase most of my prints, my 5x7" Lotería cards, original art and art boxes at Little Relics in Midtown.

Prints and cards are available online at and ship out within 7 days.  If you are interested in a particular piece of original art that is not listed on my website, please contact me at for price and availability.


My husband and I are going away for Thanksgiving this year!  We're taking sweaters and warm footwear up to Oregon for several days on the coastal beaches with friends, geek-speak, beer, food, dogs and board games.  Because we're running away, there will be no Black Friday sale or promotion at Krissi's Art Studio this year.  With that said, there's no incentive to hold off on your order for that weekend.

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween and Día de los Muertos celebrations, and that you have something as wonderful as we do for our Thanksgiving weekend!

And remember, you don't have to buy here, but when you give, please

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lots of Changes Coming

...including a NEWSLETTER!

So let's start there.  Sign up for the Krissi's Art Studio/Skelekitty & Friends newsletter and you won't miss out on any sales, giveaways, events or announcements.

What kind of announcements, you ask?  Well, for example

  • I have decided to reopen my Etsy shop ( with a limited inventory.  For right now, it just has select ready-to-ship art jewelry and the new Lotería greeting cards.
  • I will continue to keep my ArtFire shop ( open, but will be phasing it out as my "primary" online shopping presence because of some recent service problems.
  • In the meantime, the URL will take you to my main shop, wherever it is hosted.

I have also greed to start selling certain items in two local Sacramento shops.  I don't usually sell through retail stores, but these two businesses are so awesome, I didn't DARE say no!  Since that's still in the works, I'll be saving that for the newsletter!

There are some great contests coming up, as well as some new tutorials and a few pretty spectacular collaborations that you won't want to miss out on.

I hope your Halloween was spectacular and that you will enjoy your Day of the Dead and remember friends and family past.  

Much love,  Krissi & Skelekitty

p.s.  With the holiday gift giving season approaching, please remember, you don't have to buy from me, but when you give...

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

First Solo Show: Día de los Muertos at Little Relics

Spirits' Journey & Soul Searching
16x12" mixed media on canvas panels
Howdy everyone!

I realize I've been noticeably missing in action here on 'teh interwebz' for the last few months as I prepared for my very first solo show.  My nose-to-the-grindstone attitude has definitely paid off, as I was able to build a collection of  both new and "classic" Day of the Dead themed paintings and gift items for everyone.

I am thrilled to be showing at Little Relics Gallery & Boutique, located in the heart of Midtown Sacramento, and to be working again with that gallery's owner, a talented jeweler and artist in her own right, Susan Rabinovitz.

Celebrate Día de los Muertos


Krissi's Art Studio, home of Skelekitty & Friends


Little Relics Boutique & Gallería

908 21st St. (between I & J)

Sacramento, CA 

2 Sides of Skelekitty & Siren Song
11x14" acrylic/mixed media on cradled hardwood panels
Skelekitty and I are in excellent company with Susan's masterfully crafted jewelry, original artwork by cartoonist Eric Decetis, an amazing collection of gifts and cards and a special Día de los Muertos shrine by the amazing Margaret Griffin Arnold.  (Wow, I'm feeling a little star-struck here!)

Red Catrina & Flamenco Dancer
12x16" pastel on canvas panels
As usual, Susan has some wonderful events planned throughout the month!  You can drop in any time during gallery/boutique hours, but we would love to see you at one of these free gatherings:

Thur, Nov 8: Artwalk preview 6-9pm
Sat, Nov 10: 2nd Saturday Artwalk noon-10pm

Skullerfly mini trinket boxes - acrylic on wood
(other sizes and images available)
If you aren't local (and I know many of you are not), or if you cannot make it to the show, you can still snap up some of these goodies by contacting Susan via e-mail or calling her during gallery hours at 916.716.2319.

Love & Death 12x16"
acrylic on cradled hardwood panel

Little Relics is located at 908 21st Street in Midtown Sacramento between J & I (just a few doors down from Body Tribe!)  Store hours:
Monday:  12 to 6
Tuesday: 9 to 6
Wednesday: 12 to 6
Thursday: 9 to 7
Friday: 12 to 5 (by appt 5-7)
Saturday:  11 to 7
Open late for 2nd Saturday Artwalk until 10
Special Events 6pm to 9pm

Sugar Silly Skullies
7x7" mixed media on wood plaques

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Falling In And Out of Love: ArtFire

Sometimes companies disappoint me or offer products I don't care for.  No big deal, right?  I just don't purchase from them or, if a friend asks, I'll give them my honest opinion about the company/product and let them make their own decision.  I'm not one of those people who feels the need to blog negatively about companies I don't personally care for.  However, I do speak out when when I get exceptionally bad customer service or, in this case, when I've urged others to use a company or product in the past, but no longer use it myself.

Sorry, ArtFire, we gave you every
chance we possibly could have
After three years of selling my art, prints and jewelry through the online marketplace, I plan on moving my online shop I moved to (the details are updated at the bottom of this post). Despite past posts supporting ArtFire as a great place for sellers of fine art and handmade items, I no longer endorse them.  I initially recommended them because they offered a great product at an affordable price with incredible customer service.  While the price is still right at a flat $12.95 per month, the service and product have suffered greatly in the last year.

The Good:  On the whole, the ArtFire staff have been responsive to each individual glitch, and resolved each one in a timely manner.

The Bad:  ArtFire's own business practices are what cause the glitches in the first place: specifically, for over a year they have been rolling out live changes on weekends (Fridays) without beta testing first.  They also regularly make these changes without proper advance notification to sellers.  Unless you're spending all of your time in the forums instead of actually painting/working, you don't know about a change until you've had problems for a few days and the announcement e-mail of their "improvement" hits your in box.

The Ugly:  One of the Corporate Rejects sales was a complete nightmare when we unwittingly chose a date that happened to coincide with a major shopping cart rebuild. We were NOT amused, I can tell you that much.  I have personally asked ArtFire on at least five occasions over the last year to use a test environment before going live, and to notify sellers before changes happen, but I've had no luck.  I was willing to overlook the annoyance factor for a while, but in the past few months, I've received an increasing number of e-mails from my customers that  a) they can't find something through a keyword search (the keyword is there, but the item doesn't show up in a search), b) coupons aren't working (because items have 'fallen out of' categories to which the coupons apply) or c) they discover an item 'doesn't ship to the U.S.' (you've got me on that one - I regularly update my shipping and use preset profiles to ensure this NEVER happens).  When I could no longer get someone on the phone and then started getting whiffs of "blame the seller for problems" in email responses about a week ago, my mind was made up.

Several of my friends and colleagues have left or are leaving ArtFire for similar reasons.  This week, after months of conversation with the other Corporate Rejects and her colleagues, Brooke Van Gory Designs has announced her return to Etsy.  She plans to keep her ArtFire shop open until she is completely moved and has a month with no sales, then she'll be closing it down permanently.  ArtFire shut her shop down without her permission and refused her the sales records from 2012.  How professional!

Assuming ArtFire isn't going to magically improve in the next two months (it hasn't over the last 12), I'll be leaving in January or thereabouts.  Now I begin the search for a new eCommerce provider [SEE THE UPDATE BELOW for information on who I chose!]  I have been doing a great deal of research and see that I have many options.  Right now, I don't know where I will be moving.  Here are some places I *won't* be going:
  1. I won't be returning to Etsy for my primary online shop.  There are several reasons for that, but it's primarily because I don't like their fee structure (I have hundreds of individual items) and I never benefited from their traffic (though a lot of my friends who offer handmade/non-art items do).
  2. I won't be using BigCartel or Storenvy.  While they are both excellent options, all of their payments are required to go through PayPal and I prefer to give my customers options.
  3. I won't be using eBay or Amazon because ... well, they're eBay and Amazon.
What I'm looking for:
  1. A flat monthly fee or a site with no listing fees (I'm OK with % fees on actual sales, but not for listings)
  2. Ability to accept various modes of payment (I currently have PayPal, Square and ProPay accounts to accept credit cards)
  3. No sign-up required to shop
  4. Ability to integrate with my own website and blog
  5. Unique/personalized URL (, which I own) is a BIG plus
  6. Seamless transition for my customers
I'm not happy to pull my endorsement of ArtFire after all this time.  I still think the original business model was a good one and am sad that the reality didn't work out.  I'll keep you all updated on the process of the move.  In the meantime, my site will bring you to my shop, wherever it is.

2013 UPDATE:  

I chose  The new shop opened on 1/2/13 and you can find it online at or, of course, plain ol' easy to remember

Why I chose Goodsie: their fee structure and features matched my needs best - as a matter of fact, they provide services that match all 6 of the requirements I listed above.  My good friend Mo of Madd Style Cosmetics opened her new shop this year on BigCartel and is very happy with their service; likewise another company I do business with recommends 3DCart, so I trust those are good companies as well - it's all about matching your needs with the services offered/cost.   

BEFORE YOU COMMENT: All comments, as usual, require approval, so please do not bash or add your "horror story" in the comments - I prefer that this not become a bunch of crafters arguing over ArtFire vs. Etsy, yet again.  If you want to talk about that stuff, I invite you to post on your own blog.  If you have some substantive and constructive information for everyone on eCommerce solutions or options (not just what service you use, but what they offer and why you recommend them), feel free to comment.  Content is king.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Critters Make Me Smile!

It has been a busy summer full of "surprises," so I decided to do a few relatively quick paintings to cheer myself up.  It worked like a charm!

These first two portraits were "payment" for my end of a couple of trades.
Gracie, the Australian Shepherd
Mustard Danger, International Lhasa Apso of Mystery!

I was on a roll, so I also did one of my husband's cat, Mouse.
Mouse, the cat who was raised by a dog.  

And while I was awaiting photographs for new portrait orders, I did this for some fun.
For the story behind the Red Kitty with a Pink Tail, see the
"Happiness Happens If You Make It" post on the Corporate Rejects blog

For those interested in a custom portrait, they are available through my online shop at
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Most Requested List: Image Transfer Tutorial (inkjet transparency version)

Without a doubt, my packing tape image transfer tutorial is the most popular post on this blog. Now, after more than two years, I bring you the inkjet transfer version!

This is a fun, relatively clean and VERY quick way to transfer digital images onto your canvas/wood/paper surface - or any flat surface really, assuming you prep and seal it appropriately.  It's pretty easy to do with just a little bit of practice too.

What you will need:
Choose an image.  Be sure you are using an image without copyright restrictions - even if you aren't selling your work, it doesn't mean you can use a copyrighted image.  Likewise, just because you purchased a printed image, it doesn't necessarily give you the right to reproduce it.  Look for very old graphics or images with a creative commons license that matches your purpose.  If you aren't sure, ask; if you can't ask, find another image.  NEVER use another artist's work without permission (especially if it's mine, heh).   

Prepare your image.  I am using this black and white of a balance scale for my current painting.  Print your image onto the inkjet transparency film's rough side.  The rough side is coated with a substance that grabs onto and holds the ink and which will be transferred onto your artwork.  If you print on the slick, uncoated side, you're going to end up with a smeary mess.  Trim out the image you want to transfer.
If you look closely, you can see the coating on the plastic film
(it looks and feels a little like etched glass)
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  you will be "flipping" or reversing the transparency onto the surface, so it will appear mirrored.  If the image you have chosen has text or anything directional in it, you will need to set your printer to mirror print, or edit your image before printing.  As it is, this balance scale is ... well ... "balanced," so I don't need to do that here.

I always do a quick dry-fitting before sticking anything down!

Apply the liquid acrylic medium.  Paint some of the fluid medium onto your canvas.  How much acrylic medium you apply will depend on the porosity of your substrate.  You want to use as little medium as possible, which still making sure that all of the image is completely moistened.  

Since I am working on pre-painted wood with a layer of dry gel medium on it, the substrate will not absorb much, if any of the acrylic medium.  If I were working on unfinished wood or watercolor paper, both of which are more absorbent, I would need more medium.

If you use too much medium, the inkjet coating will break down and your transfer will blur (see below).  If you use too little, you will not have contact between the coating/printed image and your substrate.  Getting it right takes practice.

Apply the image.  Place the image, printed side (rough side) down onto surface coated with a thin layer of acrylic medium and press quickly and gently to remove any air bubbles from under the printed areas.

Work quickly and don't press too hard of "burnish" the image.

This transfer had a little too much medium on the left and was overworked on the right.
Once the inkjet coating is fully wet, it breaks down under the slightest pressure.
Unless you're like me and like the "distressed" look, it's better to go with too little fluid medium and miss transferring some of your image, than to go with too much and blur.  If some of your image doesn't transfer the first time, you can always go back a second time to transfer any missed bits later (kind of like a rub-on).

Remove the plastic sheet.  After you have let the product set for about 5 minutes (more or less, depending on your substrate and amount of medium you used), carefully begin peeling up one corner of the plastic film.  
Allow the image to dry completely before you touch it or attempt to seal it.
If you apply another product at this point, you will smear your transfer very badly.
Even with the extra medium, the transfer came out a little sharper than I
wanted, so I removed some of the ink with a baby wipe before it was perfectly dry.
After the polymer medium is completely dry (clear and dry to the touch), it is ready for the next layer of paint, product or sealant!

Work in progress with packing tape transfers, direct (paper to substrate) transfers, stamping
stenciling and, of course, inkjet printer transparency transfers.
BTW, I think the piggy banks with funny glasses lend a touch of class to the studio.

This technique isn't limited to black and white images, either!  You can do full color transfers onto watercolor paper or canvas, which turn out really well.  Experiment!  Have some fun!  Don't worry about being perfect.  

With love until next time,

Krissi - your image transfer whore.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Inside The Studio - the creative process

Originally posted on my creative team's blog, Corporate Rejects, handmade detail not corporate retail, on July 10th, 2012.

I've been working on a new piece for the last week and, since my most asked question is about how I make my paintings, I thought I'd share my process with you thus far.

Inspiration for my paintings comes from all kinds of things.  Sometimes inspiration comes from a joke or some bit of irony I've noticed.  Sometimes it comes from other art - in this case, from some song lyrics by Neil Peart. (Specifically, the first line - "I've got my own moral compass to steer by.")

I started working out the image of my "moral compass" using one of my favorite subjects, an anatomical heart.
First attempt (graphite and soft pastels) with song lyrics are on the left side for easy reference
Sketch #2 (graphite).  I like the compass better, but it overwhelmed the heart
Sketch #3 (graphite, soft pastel and charcoal) was almost what I wanted.
I decided to add the central circle from the compass back in to the final drawing
Once I have either a drawing in my sketchbook or the idea set in my head, I trace or freehand it onto a wood panel.  I decided not to do another version in my sketchbook for this one and went straight to the wood panel.

Final idea freehanded (with a lot of measurements and a straight edge)
in graphite onto a 20x24" cradled wood panel
Once the central image is sketched out, I decide on colors and secondary images for placement around the canvas or layering with glazes.
Cereus (cactus) flower inspired by lyric
"Like a flower in the desert that only blooms at night / I will quietly resist"
Woodburned outlines on wood panel
Then the fun part starts: COLOR!

First layer of color on the heart, flowers and background

Some shading on the heart; compass points with background colors
and gold/silver/copper leaf being applied
More shading done on the heart and flowers; gold/silver/copper leaf applied and sealed
And that's as far as I've gotten.  For those of you who have seen my paintings, you know I like to add image transfers (using various techniques) between layers of gel medium and glazes.  If that's what you're hoping to see here, you won't be disappointed with this painting.  You'll just have to wait for my next post!

In the meantime, for those of you who are interested, here is the inspiration song, Faithless, by Rush.

Krissi Sandvik is the artist and owner of Krissi's Art Studio, home of Skelekitty and Friends in Folsom (yes, like the prison) California, where she resides with her husband, cats, tortoise and Jack Russell Terrier, Abby. Krissi, who claims she was raised by feral attorneys, has been unofficially named "best tutorialer on the web" by her friend Rachelle Rose. Oh yeah, and she likes to drive fast.
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Marketing Tidbit: Promoting *YOU* Without Sounding Self-Centered (Be Awesome Part II)

The most popular response I hear when I tell indie business owners that they need to promote themselves is "I don't feel comfortable talking about myself."  This definitely isn't an issue I have, but I have given it a lot of thought and have determined that you actually can promote your business without talking about yourself.  Shut up, yes, you can!

Look, here are a just a few ideas:
  • DONATE.  Not only do you get the warm fuzzies, donating really is a great promotional tool.  Be sure to choose wisely and find a balance between the organization's needs and the exposure you'll gain.  Medium-sized organizations appreciate the donations more than the huge ones.  And, of course, make sure that the organization reflects the values of your business.
  • Post links to shops/blogs/pages you like.  
    • You will build both a following and an ersatz "street team" naturally by supporting other artists/indie business owners - make sure that you let them know that you are supporting their shops, too (but never make this mistake).  
    • You can also do reviews of items you use and really love, or show off your "collection" of purchases from other indie shop owners.
  • Give stuff away.  WAIT! Don't skip this bullet point yet!  You don't have to spend money.  For example, you can do informational blog posts (like these marketing tidbits) or give away online goodies, neither of which cost you anything except your time.
  • Involve your fans.  
    • Ask your facebook fans to help you name new products - Brooke Van Gory Designs does and her fans LOVE it!  
    • Host a coloring contest on your page or your blog.  It isn't necessary to spend money to run a contest - some people will be happy with bragging rights!   Or ask some of your colleagues if they would like to donate something small from their shop to gain new customers.  
  • Lean on your colleagues.  Invite your colleagues to become fans of your Facebook page - in return, be sure to become a fan of theirs.  Most want to support you and if they don't, they'll "unlike" it later so you don't have to feel like you're spamming them from your personal page.
Inviting friends is easy with the Build Audience drop down
(at least it is in June 2012 at the time of this post)

  • Link-share!!  This is a good way to find new people.  I will occasionally post on my facebook fan page (or blog) asking people to tag their fan pages and post links to their online shops in the comments.  It works like a charm for me, for the other artisans AND for the fans who find new stuff!
  • Promo Swap.  You probably know someone who has the same issues that you do, so why not talk their shop up and they can do the same for you?  I've done this at gallery shows and it's a much more pleasant way to sling art!
And there are tons and tons of other things you can do that will promote your brand and you won't have to say anything about yourself or your stuff at all.  Do you have an idea (see, I'm including you)?  Post a comment here on Blogger!

Read Be Awesome Part I

Want more Marketing Tidbits?
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wish Granted: KVIE Art Auction!

I have wanted to participate in the KVIE Art Auction for years (an on-air and online fundraiser for our PBS television station in Sacramento and the Central California valley).  Every year, I missed the deadline, but this year I heard about the call for art early and didn't let the grass grow under my feet!  Yep, I finally submitted a piece for consideration.

Wishing Tree 18x24x.75" acrylic & pyrography on wood

Then today: 
Click for a readable version
submission information and details removed 'cause it's not exciting.  :)

I am over the moon happy about this for a couple of reasons.  Not only am I thrilled to have my art seen by local galleries and collectors, but the money this piece raises will help my local public television station, which is something I strongly support.  And the art auction is straight up FUN:  A few years back (2007 or 2008, I think), Ron and I answered telephones during the on-air art auction for KVIE and we had a blast - especially when the bidding got a little crazy for some paintings by our friends! I also think that it will be an education to be exposed to new art and meet more local artists at the Preview Gala.

So I should probably be playing this cool like it's no big deal, but I'm not very good at covering up my emotions.  I will know whether this piece will be in the on-air or online auction by August 1 - and while I am crossing my fingers for the on-air auction, I'm just thrilled that my piece was accepted.

I'm grinning like a Cheshire Cat.
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Saturday, April 28, 2012


I decided to do a spur of the moment sale on all of my in-stock pendants this weekend only!  To take an additional 25% off ready-to-ship pendants, just enter coupon code SPRINGCLEAN2012 during checkout.

Mothers' Day is coming up and I have quite a variety in stock - one or two of which is sure to please the variety of moms and wives out there!  
Pendants with over 40 different Krissi's Art Studio designs are all ready to ship!
This coupon code automatically expires on Sunday TUESDAY, MAY 1 at 11:59pm PDT.
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Out There - stuff not indoors (an art show)

I haven't done much in the way of gallery shows for about two years.  I submitted a piece here and there, but for the most part, exhibits took a back seat while I focused on honing my skills and finding my style.  After a year of selling online, I started to lose interest in getting back into the galleries, so I stopped bothering to follow calls for art.

In December, an opportunity presented itself that I could not pass up.  I am not certain precisely how long I have wanted to do an art show with Sacramento artists Allyson Seconds and Nicole Roberts, but I'd guess it was around three to five years.  Now, this Spring, that desire is about to be fulfilled!

Not only am I rejoining the land of real-life exhibits to show with Al and Nicole, but there are two new-to-the-second-saturday-scene photographers joining us AND we are showing in one of my favorite venues!  Body Tribe has offered up their walls to all of us after a two year hiatus!  By the way, if you haven't visited Body Tribe Fitness before, you should.  It is Midtown Sacramento's answer to an indoor dog park, gym, art gallery, meetup space and the best place to hear good music & corny jokes.

I've been working on a new and very different-for-me series of paintings for about 5 months, and they will be exhibited for the first time at this show.  They are all nature-inspired and there is hardly a skull to be found (unless you look really hard). Admission is free and all of us welcome folks to just come on by and say howdy, meet some folks and take a look around.

Saturday, April 14th; 6-10pm
920 21st Street, 
Midtown, Sacramento 

Body Tribe presents:

a nature-themed event showcasing the creative works of five Sacramento artists, each with a love of the natural world and who express it with their own individual sense of fun

retro-inspired, macro and urban landscape iPhonography prints


large and colorful canvasses utilizing graphic shapes and flowing lines

bright, bold and translucent layers of acrylic glazes and mixed media on wood 

and introducing the photography of

story telling photographs with a dream-like quality

the elements in abstract

It's going to be a fun night!

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