Monday, March 24, 2008

UPDATE/CLARIFICATION - Ellen should be happy - loose glitter no more!

I called my pal Yoli (of Sacred Snatch Designs infamy) this weekend with a glitter and sealant issue I needed help with. I'm your go-to if you have a sewing, pressing or fabric-related Q, but Yoli is THE source of info on all kinds of crafty miscellany.

Admittedly, this was an "off label" use, as they say in the pharmaceutical industry... I was seriously loving my Crafty Chica tote bag, which I glittered up on day one of the Crafty Chica cruise (duh, where else). Can you tell I was diggin' on it right from the get go?

Let me clarify something - This was a project we did ON the cruise ship and we were limited to the supplies already on board. We only had two brands of glue (Crafty Chica’s new super-thick white glue and Aleene’s original Gold Label Tacky Glue). I didn’t have my Fabri-Tac and we didn’t have any gem glue available to us. Yes, we had some Tulip glitter glues, but they paled in comparison to the shiny, holographic goodness of the new (and yet to be launched) Crafty Chica loose glitters. And seriously, girls, let’s face it, we were on the CRAFTY CHICA CRUISE ... we wanted to use the new products that the rest of you poor crafting slobs wouldn’t even SEE until July (and we wore tiaras and drank tea with our pinkies in the air asking, "I wonder what the POOR people are doing today?" while we did it).


So I CAREFULLY allowed everything to dry and somehow got this loose glitter and glue masterpiece home from the cruise (via a flight from San Diego to Sacramento). By some magic, it only lost a little bit of the sparkle on the way. I had become accustomed to the idea that I wouldn't be able to USE my tote ... not as a tote anyway, but DANG if it wouldn't make some awesome wall art.

Oh, back to Yoli... So I says to her, I says, "Which sealant do you think would be the best to seal glitter on my Crafty Chica tote?" We talked a while about the pros and cons of loose glitter (yeah, yeah, use a different adhesive ... use glitter glue ... please refer to the above explanation of my unique circumstances), and narrow my glaze options down to either Triple Thick, which I have in a spray and in a tub, or Aleene's Paper Glaze. We both agreed that a spray was out of the question unless I wanted to laminate the un-glittered portion of the cotton bag too. The Paper Glaze had the advantage of being in a squeeze bottle (though I have a supply of those around the studio anyway). Though I LOVE Triple Thick on hard surfaces, I don't like that it stays as tacky as it does.... So we both agreed that I'd try the Paper Glaze.

Yoli sent me to my glaze shelf with a prayer (I think she lit a candle for me too).


It worked SO well, in fact, that I think I might even be able to use this as a TOTE BAG after all!
The glaze is firm but flexible and it's completely adhered the glitter into the fabric (like it's a big glitter silk screen)!

Oh, and can you dig that Crafty Chica silver holographic glitter action??? I can't wait until Duncan launches that product line in July!

For those wondering, I used two coats and applied using the applicator tip starting on the outside edges and working my way in. On the second coat (after the first dried and cured), I applied a thicker layer over the heart, so I have a little of a 3-d effect goin' on. It's so awesome.