Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Two Cool Artists (and their goodies are MINE)

I indulged in the past week, but just a little bit, to celebrate selling a painting, several prints and an original quilt!

This is my new Grey Gargoyle by Nicolas Caesar. Isn’t he cute??? I haven’t even found a place for the last painting I received from Nik (Silly Rabbit, Rabies are for Kids!), and now I need to make room for baby! My growing collection of unhung art will be a motivator for getting rid of the china cabinet and opening up more wall space in my studio SOON.

And today, I got this little gem from Gothcupcake’s Etsy store:

If you aren’t a Harry Potter fanatic (like me), you might not know the value of such a ring to protect against some of the nasty creatures out there.

A boggart is a shapeshifter that takes on the form of its intended victim’s worst fear. It generally likes to hide in dark, enclosed places, such as in cupboards, under beds, in hollow trees, or corners of MySpace. A common defence against a boggart is to use a spell to make it appear amusing, since boggarts are weakened by laughter. This is achieved by pointing a wand at the boggart and saying "Riddikulus" while thinking something very funny; this charm can apparently be used to destroy an already weakened boggart.

Fine advice for life. I’ll wear it at all my Second Saturday art shows ... y’know, just in case.

Drop in on Gothcupcake’s Etsy shop and check out her goodies. Whether you love cupcakes, goth stuff, horror classics, Harry Potter, vegan baking recipes or girls with pink hair, you’ll thank me for sending you in her direction!