Saturday, March 15, 2008

Krissi's Faves #1: Fabrics / Why I Shop First

Because 2% of every sale goes to charity. No joke. So far they’ve raised over $525,000!!!

That’s not the only reason though. They are family owned and, as a matter of fact, Luana Rubin, who co-started eQuilter with her hubby Paul, designed both the fabrics and the quilt pattern of my most coveted bed quilt (NO it’s STILL not for sale!) The kit she sent was awesome and the instructions impeccable.

eQuilter’s customer service is beyond excellent and their fabric, notions and thread selection is vast. I’ve been shopping with them since I started quilting in 2004, and they are always my first stop for fabric & thread shopping.

You might not think this is a big deal, but when I order stuff, I usually have a show deadline I'm trying to beat. I made the mistake of ordering from a very well-known TV personality’s catalog a few times last year and ALL three times, the products were back ordered for over 3 months ... EACH! No apologies and no warning until I got a backorder notice in the mail a week or two later. To add insult to injury, it was impossible to cancel via her website - which is how I ordered. Lesson learned - me no order there no mo'.

So go check out the eQuilter Charities. Then go buy yourself some cute fabric!

Oh, I also get cute stickers and a hand-written note on my packing slips. Not necessary of course, but a nice touch.

Happy shopping,


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