Thursday, March 13, 2008

Crafty Chica Cruise - Swag & Shopping edition

Hey! So this cold of mine has gotten worse before it decided to get better, & my blogging is behind schedule. To tide everyone over until the Day 2 of the cruise recap, here's a sneak peek at what goodies I came home with!

I understand my purse was about $5 more than some girls paid, but MINE has a BAT on it!
I didn't even know that was there when I heard this purse calling me....

I know these are probably called "gringo bolsas" or something, but they are tough, light and you can take 'em to the beach! I also got a small pink one with the Virgen on it.

from Books Books in Cabo San Lucas
Ron asked me if I have to say Klaatu Barada Nikto! when opening the Necronomicon (and if I don't say that in the right order, will the book bite me on the nose?).

this is NOT pottery, Ann & Alisa!
The pottery I was insisted my friends NOT allow me to buy and me NOT buying the same pottery (photo by Alisa Abrenica) Ann and Alisa left me unsupervised for about 5 seconds, and that was all I needed.

shopping spoils
Yoli and I had a speed-shopping 40-minute stop into Casa Ramirez in Ensenada. There are still a few pieces that didn't make it into this photo!

and now....

select swag
This isn't even NEAR all of it! The bumper sticker from Etsy that says, "My other car is a sewing machine" is already up in my studio. I think I need that on a license plate frame, though! In this pile of wonderful you'll find the Crafty Chica Loteria card game pieces, the Crafty Chica Collection (La Casa Loca) book, freebies from Etsy, Naughty Secretary Club, Cigar boxes (thanks Cindy and ...), Art Girlz goodness and much, much more! My "Enjoy Carne Asada" tee shirt is already in the wash! The box with the little nichos is one of the craft projects we worked on during the cruise -- I'll blog separately on the projects later.

language lesson
My favorite tidbit of swag ("¡Tomemos otro WEES-kee!")

Another photos of our tiaras and the custom puzzle games Kathy made us! (photo by Kathy Caño-Murillo)

Some of Kathy's glitters (we weren't given our own stash of supplies 'cause they're still in development by Duncan)! The entire Crafty Chica line will be available at Michael's stores in CA, AZ, TX and a few other states on July 1!! The sparkle on the purple and silver glitters made even me, who eschews loose glitter, fall in love! (photo by Yoli Manzo)

More glitter and Crafty Chica paints! (Photo by Belén Rodriguez)

Glue and glossy varnish! (photo by Belén Rodriguez)

There was lots of other goodies to play with, too. So much in fact, that I didn't even get a chance to work with the stencils or stamps! Kathy is also coming out with a line of iron-on crystals by Duncan, which are WAY more affordable than the ones I use.