Favorite Things

My Favorite Products and Suppliers

Nunn Design's sealant is
my secret weapon for resin
Nunn Design's glue and sealant are my hands-down favorites for working with resin of any kind - they are much more reliable than water-based glues, which often result in "water marks" from resin seeping through the sealant.  These products are available from a variety of online retailers, but I usually purchase from Fusion Beads or Artbeads.com, depending on who has the best price/coupon when I buy (both have good service and pricing).
Those Sweet Sensations is my go-to supplier for glass tiles, magnets and glue-on heart shaped bails.  Shawn has shops on eBay and ArtFire and will also happily invoice you for custom requests if you don't see exactly what you need on one of her sites.  She is professional, her shipping is unusually quick (sometimes the turnaround time is within an hour or two!) and her products are excellent quality at a great price.
If you don't see the item you want on eBay or ArtFire, e-mail
 Shawn!  She's very helpful and will combine everything you
need into a single invoice.
Luxe Doming Resin by Annie Howes is less expensive than ICE Resin and Annie's tips for mixing and curing are incredibly helpful!  You can find Luxe at AnnieHowes.com or in her shop on Etsy.

I use Golden Artist Colors and Mediums almost exclusively in my work.  Occasionally, I'll sneak in another paint or medium, but only if Golden doesn't have a similar product.  They've served me well over the years and I've learned that when I try to save money by going with another brand, my quality suffers.  My favorite Golden supplies are:
Rembrandt soft artist pastels.  I started off using a cheap set from a framing/craft/art supply store and was sorry.  You can find great 1/2 stick sets of these at various online and local art supply stores (like Dick Blick and Utrecht); I usually go where the best sale is.
FetPak is a great resource for jewelry boxes, packing materials, bags and displays.

Clearbags.com supplies all of my print and card bags, print backing boards and greeting card papers. I especially love them since they're about 10 minutes away on a curvy back road so I can pick up my own product AND get some driving practice in while I do it!

My Favorite Handmade Sellers
(as in, people I actually spend my money with)

Brooke Van Gory Designs
custom purses & diaper bags
Madd Style Cosmetics
vegan makeup
Kit Cameo
art & accessories