Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Solstice and Festive Yule to you!

What I'm working on:

Via Flickr:
Large Tree of Life painting in the works: just pencil on wood for now - not even sure if this is going to be the final image - I might tweak it some more.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Marketing Tidbit: Give Presents Just Because

Every now and then I like to make special items available for free.  From a marketing standpoint, it's good publicity.  From a human standpoint, it's just good.

So for the 2011 holiday season, I'm bringing back the FREE non-denominational Skelekitty gift tags/stickers!

Just click on the image you would like (yep, you can have both - nobody is keeping track).  Then, from my Flickr page, click "Download original size of this photo" to save the full sheet of tags to your computer.  Print them out, cut them and attach them to gifts (handmade, of course)!

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Blessed Solstice, Happy Festivus and/or Positive Mid-Winter Celebratory Greetings to you all, however you acknowledge these cold and short days indoors.

Love, Krissi and Skelekitty

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Marketing Tidbit: That's Not My Name

This was posted in a private group today by one of my colleagues who is also a seller of handmade goods:
Am I wrong for being offended that a seller sent me an email starting with "Dear Customer?" A "Hey there" and no name would be OK, or look at my paypal and use my name. But don't use "customer" as my name.
Short answer, NO.  You are NEVER wrong for being offended by something as impersonal as that.  One of the reasons people shop handmade and small businesses is to get that small-town, everyone-gets-personal-attention feeling.  Part of that feeling comes from the customer service that the vendor offers.

But, just for a minute, let's say you're an individual shop owner who receives HUNDREDS of orders a day.  Maybe one of your suppliers didn't come through and you need to notify a large number of customers.  In this case, you may choose to send out a blanket message.**  There are ways to do this without making your customers feel like they've been hit by a spambot:
  • Instead of saying 'Dear Customers' say something like 'Happy Holidays,' or 'Hi there!'
  • Admit that your message is a blanket e-mail, and of course, bcc all your recipients - never allow
    anyone to see contact information for other customers!
    You could say, "I am sending out a blanket e-mail to  (who you're targeting) everyone who ordered after the 15th because (why you are contacting them) ACME glue factory blew up and it will be a week before I can obtain supplies from another supplier.  (What options they have) All orders will be delayed one week unless I am notified before end of business on the 20th that you wish to cancel.   
NEVER USE BLANKET E-MAILS FOR ANY TYPE OF MARKETING!  If you want to notify your customers of sales or offers, set up a mailing list that they must opt into.  Don't know how?  No worries, luckily there's this handy new gizmo called out there.

However, if you are sending an individual e-mail to a single customer about their order, then for pity's sake, take the time to look at the invoice and the PayPal and find out what their name is.  If you're totally unwilling or unable to do that, or if their contact information is inconsistent, then at least try a "Hi there!"

Little things like this really matter.  What takes 90 seconds for you could end up making your customer feel insignificant.  A feeling which is likely to result in the loss of that customer and perhaps all of his/her friends.

If you're a small business, what do YOU do to give a personal touch to your customer service?  What has a company done well that has stuck with you?  I'd love to have some of you post comments here on the blog so that my Google+ friends and Facebook pals can meet each other - you guys are ALL so cool.  

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Friday, December 9, 2011

The Glitter Bitches didn't disband...

The Glitter-Bitches didn't disband.

But we did RE-BRAND!  

After months of discussion, bandying about of names and then logo ideas, the group known as Glitter-Bitches Handmade is no longer.  LONG LIVE CORPORATE REJECTS!

Come visit ALL of us at our new blog and facebook page.
While you're there, congratulate our former "affiliates" who are now full members,
Kit Cameo, Scott Krichau, Mara Franklin and AmyLynn Field!

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Not-Really-A-Tutorial (Glass & Resin Jewelry)

"Inchie" pendant (1" square)
People ask me what procedure and techniques I use to make my glass tile and resin jewelry all the time.  The reason I haven't done a tutorial isn't that I am playing my pendants close to my chest, as it were.  It's just a super, duper involved process and I've never stopped to photograph each step as I go.

However, since this question has popped up again recently, I'll give you the 30-second version (sorry, no bunnies).

* print art and titles for backs (I use an Epson printer and Epson matte 27lb presentation paper)
* spray art with fixative
Seriously, the resin has to be
* cut art and title pieces into itty bitty squares
*  glue art to glass tile (art faces glass tile)
*  glue title to back of art
*  seal title piece AND EDGES with silicone sealant
* wait for dry time
* clean edges of glass
mix resin PERFECTLY
*  run resin around edges
* wait for set/cure time (overnight)
*  apply resin to entire back
If I do the resin all in one step, it "domes" and pulls away from
the edge, leaving a spot where moisture can seep under.
By running a bead of resin around the edge, allowing
it cure and then applying to the back, the art is fully protected
(but I still don't recommend you shower or swim while wearing your jewelry!)
*  stare at pieces for 48 hours to a week, depending on temperature and humidity
* quality check (toss or send back to "resin edges" stage)
* clean and polish
*  glue on bail
*  package in box with chain, care instructions and goodies
*  pack
* mail
*  pray that the USPS comes through


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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spammy McSneakerton!

These are the kinds of things that crack me up.  I received a comment today on one of my most popular blog posts, You Stole My Idea! ... Or Did You?  (aka Copyright 101).   At first glance, it seemed nice.

Good post! I was actually doing research online on Intellectual Property Law when I came across your very informative blog.
Of course, as soon as I looked at the link he tucked into "Intellectual Property Law" (by hovering over it), I saw that it was a law firm.  Smooth move, Ex-Lax.

Yeah, I know I could have deleted it permanently, leaving no trace of "Mr. Marti," but this was more fun.
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yesterday's Progress - photo blog (is that, like, a "flog?")

Well, first:

This doesn't look like the results of an entire afternoon of printing,
 sealing and trimming, but it is.  Next step,
what I do best: "gluing shit to other shit."
OK.  Now I have glass tiles with little
pictures glued to them.
Here's what they look like dry - these still need the backs glued on
and then have the sides and back sealed with resin

These are all finished - they just need final polishing and bails, then
they'll be going to new homes (or joining me at Art Bazaar & Bizarre Art in
Midtown Sacramento on Saturday night!)

But then:
Hey!  This is new!  1" rings!
So you take your glass tile with awesome art glued to the back...
... and you pop it in (with the help of a little E6000 adhesive).
These little goodies will be premiering on at Art Bazaar & Bizarre Art
on December 10th (5-8pm) in Midtown Sacrament OR you can order
them from my ArtFire shop (contact me for a custom listing for now).

And just because:

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Shipping and Order Status Information

"I'm too pretty to work." ~Skelekitty
Hi everyone!  Things are much busier than usual here in my studio, but as usual, Skelekitty is being a lazy bum, moving from sun spot to sun spot without lifting one bony paw to help!  Darned cat.  I've been so overwhelmed with orders for the Help Hank fund that I'm running a little more behind than usual. Mind you, I am NOT complaining!  My heart is absolutely full to bursting with how people have come together for that dog. 

So.  Updates.  I haz dem:


When I print your mailing label, you will receive a notification e-mail from USPS tracking, however, there is usually some lag time between when I print the label to pack your order and when the package is picked up by my super-awesome mail carrier. When the package actually goes out the door, you will receive an e-mail from ArtFire* saying that your package shipped, and one with your shipping confirmation number again. Oh, and shipping on original art and pendants ALWAYS includes insurance, so if you have any difficulty with your package, we've got it covered. 
* if your order ships in separate packages, you will received the ArtFire "shipped" confirmation only after all items have shipped.


Prints:  All prints in orders placed before December first have been packed & shipped, and USPS Track & Confirm notices have been sent.  These shipments include orders for prints placed with jewelry or original art (prints and jewelry/small art ordered together always ship separately because of the different shapes and sizes).  Print orders placed after 12/1 will ship later this week - probably Thursday, maybe earlier if I stay focused!

Jewelry:  Turnaround time for jewelry orders is usually 7-14 days.  Yep, it takes that long for me to make them since they involve lots of little steps with 12-hour drying times in between.  With the increased number of orders (and my aforementioned alter ego being a bum), I'm estimating a minimum of 14 days for jewelry now, just to be on the safe side.  Anyway, since the prints are out the door, I am spending today working on finishing up earring and pendant orders and making some extras for the show Allyson and I are doing on the 10th in Sacramento.

My sincere apologies for the extra wait time.  All orders already placed WILL be to you well before Christmas!  I promise.  And if anyone has some extra elves they want to send my way, I wouldn't refuse 'em!

Do you have a question that wasn't answered in this post?  The fastest way to get a response is to e-mail  Facebook posts/tags/PMs, ArtFire messages and other contact methods are hit and miss at best.

Thank you again for the awesome response to the Help Hank fund!  I do still have some in-stock and ready to ship pendants, so if you're in a hurry for a gift, check 'em out.  More will be added on December 11th.
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Operation Help Hank (he has his own page now)

It was getting confusing with the health updates and the how-to-help posts in so many different places, so I've attempted to gather information an links (including links to all of Allyson's posts on Hank's health) in one spot. 

Please join us over on Hank's page.  And if you like, leave a comment (Al reads all of them to Hank when she visits).

Lots of love,

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Monday, November 28, 2011

New Look & Call For YOUR Questions

Howdy all!  I hope you were all able to find something to be thankful for last week (well, every day would be even better).

Hand turkey art by my friend Wenchkin,
for whose friendship and creativity I am constantly thankful

Aside from some breaks to walk Abby or spend time with friends and neighbors, I've been nose-down in the studio raising funds for my friend Allyson's dog Hank who contracted Leptospirosis (he was a stray who Al stalked, lured, caught and then fell in love with).  Hank does seem to be improving, but there is a lot of creation, packing and mailing to do before the day is out.  Then some more fundraising.

I also took an hour out of my schedule today to update the look and feel of my blog - it had been really bothering me for the last few months.  I hope you like the changes.

As the year comes to a close, I'd love to know what you would like to see from me here.  As you know, I have been posting at the group blog, Modern Rosies, since it launched in September, and I will continue to post recipes and DIY household tips over there along with the Ask Krissi's Art Studio column.

As for this blog, I have every intention of diving back into the Marketing Tidbits as soon as I look up from my orders and projects - have no fear. So are there any particular marketing questions you'd like answered?  Any tutorials that I haven't yet covered?  Anything you'd like help with? Something you're just curious about? Please, take advantage of my years of trial and error and error and error.  Clue me in on what you'd like help with by either leaving a comment on this post or dropping me an e-mail.

Thanks, as always, for reading and supporting my art and ramblings.

xo & <3


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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hank Fundraiser - background and update

11/27 UPDATE!!  THIS JUST IN!!!!  Donation amounts from all "Help Hank" purchases made in my shop between NOW and 11:59PM on Monday night will be matched DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR by an anonymous donor!!!  The love just keeps pouring in!  (Just go to my shop and search HELPHANK or click on his happy photo!)

If you are wondering what all this is about "Hank" the dog, let me plagiarize a friend (Paige Lettington)'s Facebook post:

To all my friends who love animals (as well as music and lifting heavy things)...Allyson Seconds was my first trainer at BodyTribe and she rescues animals. In fact, she was late to our first session because she was rescuing a squirrel. Her most recent rescue (that I know of) is Hank, a very sweet black lab whom she has had for about a year. He has come down with Leptospirosis, and has had some vet bills this past week that are tough for Al to handle. Her other dog, Lulu (also a rescue) had two vet incidents this month too, and Al makes her living making music and making people strong, so her financies are limited. There are a couple of ways to help. You can buy something (and support a local artist) from Krissi Sandvik through Monday, or donate directly to Al via PayPal. See both options here:

Thanks to ALL OF YOU, I've been able to gather $130 from the sale of prints and pendants, and we still have two full days to go! Through donations and purchases, Allyson was able to obtain the diagnosis via an expensive 'senior blood panel."  I cannot express just how much the purchases and notes I've received, both to me and on behalf of Hank, Allyson and Kevin Seconds, have done to restore my faith in humanity.  For that alone, thank you.

I have a few newish pieces going up in the shop to help raise funds for Hank's vet bills.  To find out which pieces will have all profits donated to Hank's vet fund, just click on the "Help Hank" picture in my shop or search "helphank" on
The HELP HANK sale has been extended INDEFINITELY

If you can only afford a couple of dollars or would prefer your entire donation go to Hank, you may also donate directly to Allyson via PayPal (her address is

Thank you again for your caring, help, notes and for just being awesome.

You guys rock.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hank the Dog and a Sale Update

11/27 (2:00 pm PST) UPDATE:  

THIS JUST IN!!!!  Donation amounts from all "Help Hank" purchases made in my shop between NOW and 11:59PM on Monday night will be matched DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR by an anonymous donor!!!  The love just keeps pouring in!  (Just go to my shop and search HELPHANK or click on his happy photo!)

Hank is a good-natured black Lab who was found last Thanksgiving on the Sacramento river by a local photographer, artist, musician, personal trainer and all-around awesome woman, Allyson Seconds. If you don't know Al, I can assure you that she gives to the community whenever and however she can.  Now one of her rescued dogs needs more veterinary care than she can afford (following two medical incidents with her Lab/Border Collie cross, Lulu last month).

Therefore, I decided that in addition to my customer appreciation / un-occupy the malls sale this weekend (see below), I would donate all profits from select animal-themed prints & pendants to Hank's veterinary fund.

While the flyer says it starts tomorrow, I will honor any
Operation Help Hank purchases today.  'Cause I love that big galoot.

UPDATES ON HANK can be found here, on Allyson's facebook page

Just click on the HELP HANK button here or in the Skelekitty & Friends shop to see which items are part of the benefit.  I'm adding more each day.  All you do is make a qualifying purchase before the clock chimes 12 midnight on Tuesday morning.  You don't need to do anything else, I'll automatically donate the profits to Allyson for Hank.  However, you're encouraged to send a little note with your purchase - I really like little notes and I'll pass those on to Al as well.

How to Help Hank:


  • you may also make a PayPal donation to Allyson and Operation Help Hank (this donation goes directly to Al & doesn't pass through my account)  **if you have difficulty with this link and are using a mobile device or tablet, just use your PayPal app and make a donation to  Thanks!

I have also added two more days to my UN-occupy the malls sale to thank all of my customers for their support over the years.  
Just look for the "COUPON" banner on items starting at midnight tonight
then use the code for that day at checkout
p.s. The search feature is a little glitchy today, I'll have it fixed by tonight!
I'm finishing up a run of pendants to list in the shop for the sale, so I'd better get off this darned computer and start photographing and listing them!  

And yes, any sales items that also fall into the Help Hank category will automatically have the profits donated to Al.
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Holiday "Thank You" Sale

To thank my customers for all of the support throughout this year (and previous ones), I've decided to run a pre-holiday sale at Krissi's Art Studio, home of Skelekitty & Friends.

Thanksgiving (11/24): 25% off all in-stock items (includes all prints, original art and ready-to-ship jewelry)*  Coupon code: THANKYOU25

Black Friday (11/25): 20% off all in-stock items (includes all prints, original art and ready-to-ship jewelry)* Coupon code: THANKYOU20

JUST ADDED! (11/26 & 27) 15% off all in-stock items Coupon code: THANKYOU15

Cyber Monday (11/28): Buy One, Get One prints Coupon code: THANKYOUPRINTS

*Sales exclude all made-to-order items, i.e., made-to-order jewelry, painted mats and custom art. I won't be able to offer made-to-order jewelry (resin is tricky this time of year), so if there's a pendant you think should be in the shop, now's the time to drop me a note and tell me what size & image (don't forget the size!)

Please give handmade items this holiday season
and feel free to share Skelekitten's message
(but please don't remove my studio name)

And now, for an editorial.

I know many people participate in "boycott Black Friday" for various reasons - some because they feel the spirit of Christmas has been lost in a wave of consumerism; some because they don't approve of stores requiring employees to work over the holiday weekend; some because they believe Thanksgiving should be spent with family and friends; and some because they just don't want to support large corporations.  As for me?  I just hate the crowds and would rather go for a walk at the lake with my husband and dog.

It's not for me to pass judgement on anyone's stance on the boycott, no matter why they participate.  As a long-time supporter of the Give Handmade movement, I decided to offer some discounts to my fans as a thank you, not so I could get myself 'in the black.'  I don't rake in the bucks on sales (don't worry, I'm not undercutting myself either), but I know some people save up for months just to get a print or a pendant. That is the spirit in which I decided to have a Thanksgiving weekend sale.

So if you are one of the few who like to troll around looking for artists and indie shop-owners so you can publicly shame them for running a sale over Thanksgiving weekend, I request that you to keep your opinions to yourself.  We put more of ourselves into our work than we could ever reflect in our prices. There are no employees being forced to work a holiday, and most of the money we do make goes back into our local community or to other handmade artisans.  We do this because we love it, not to get rich.

Likewise, if you disagree with the entire idea of the boycott, this isn't the place to bring it up.  Discussion is fine in the appropriate places.  If you want to discuss it, make a post on your blog or facebook page and invite discussion - I did it over on my Google+ page before writing this post).

No matter what you think about the boycott, whether you celebrate American Thanksgiving or not, or how you decide to spend your holiday weekend, whether it is at the mall or at home, I hope you will spend some time to remember what you are thankful for this year.
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Best Savings for the Rest of the Year. No kidding!

The GB Handmade group "Skull Appreciation" sale is in full swing!  With about a day and a half left to go, I thought I'd show you all a few of the things that are 30% off in my shop with the code BRAINCASE.  FYI, if you want to see everything that's on sale, just click here. NOTE: none of these have never been 30% off before, and they sure won't be again before Christmas.

Each of these 5x5" plaques is regularly $25, but with your 30% coupon,
that's just $17.50 each!
Your choice of pink/hearts, lime/hearts & bone or purple/crossbones

My 2009 painting, La Llorona
photographed at an angle in bright sunlight to show the texture on original
7x9" acrylics, pencil and ink on wood plaque
(was priced at $76.95, with code BRAINCASE, it's just $53.87 - a steal and a half, since the price is going up to $90 after the sale!)
2 Sides of Skelekitty
Pair of Skelekitty Angel/Devil Paintings
11x14" acrylics, ink and mixed media on cradled hardwood artist panels
regularly $325; with code BRAINCASE, they are almost $100 OFF! (just $227.50)
And, of course, all of my prints and pendants (even the made-to orders and custom mats) with skulls, bones, skeletons or even exoskeletons are also 30% off with the sale code.  

This all ends Wednesday night, so hop on it, 'cause I'm serious that you wont' see another sale with prices this low for at least another 3 months.
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Marketing Tidbit: Make Packing/Shipping Easy

Today's Marketing Tidbit is a 2fer since I've been gone for so long.

First, some organization: I've tried going off memory to make sure that everything I want to go into packages actually gets in there.  I fail every time. - luckily, the item that usually gets left out is the invoice (annoying, but not critical).  I think it's because I don't ship a high volume of stuff, so I haven't developed habits from constant repetition.  I finally broke down and admitted I needed a system, so I made myself a checklist.
Click on the image to be taken to the Google Docs checklist.
Now you have a checklist too!

The "Linky Love" packet, for those of you who are wondering, is a little envelope of goodies and business cards from shops I buy from, work with and love.  Cross promotion between shops is a FABULOUS idea, but don't just throw your friends' cards in the package, tell your customer why you are sending them.  The wording on my note goes something like this:

There you go, two treats and no tricks!  Happy Halloween, everyone!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Sugar Skull Mask Tutorial!! Woo Hoo!

A little over a week ago, I was lamenting the loss of my muse on Facebook and Google+ in the hopes that someone would say something to spark my imagination. Most of my artist friends were also dealing with creative blocks, so we figured that our muses all took off with the 'blue flu' (or whatever prompts inspirational goddesses to go AWOL for a day).

Luckily for me, my friend Betty called me with a request and challenge.  Could I make her five Día de los Muertos style sugar skull masks.  *LIGHT BULB!* I sure could!

My friend and hairdresser, Betty, and I talk about Mexican folk art and culture constantly.  Her heritage is Mexican, while I first became enamored with all things Mexico when I lived in San Francisco's Mission District, a vibrant neighborhood with a large Latino population. I really love Day of the Dead, which mixes both Aztec and Spanish beliefs and cultures into something new and wonderful. This holiday particularly appealed to me as it focuses on death as a part of life and not as something to be feared.  Well this year, Betty is teaching a series of classes (she teaches for Paul Mitchell) with a hair/fashion show.  In Mexico City. On Dia de los Muertos, and she asked me to make some sugar skull masks for the models!  Woo hoo! Here's how YOU can make them too:

You will need:
  • Mask - plastic, Papier-mâché, or even ceramic if you are creating a wall decoration
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Glue - choose one that is appropriate to the substrate of your mask
  • GLITTER! - lots of it in lots of colors!   You can use just about any type of glitter (loose or glitter-glue).  DO NOT USE antique German glass glitter or any glitter made of glass.  It will be near your face (and eyes), so let's not go blind, m'kay?
  • Paintbrushes for glue, watertoothpickspaper towelsfluffy paintbrush for brushing away loose glitter
Optional supplies:
  • Plastic primer
  • Clear/white glitter spray (I didn't use this, but will point out where you could)
  • Glitter tray or folded paper to return loose glitter to jars
  • Dryer sheets <--- secret weapon when using glitter!
Betty chose some 1/2 face 'Phantom of the Opera' style masks, but you could use eye masks or full face masks if you prefer.  You could use plastic, papier mache, fabric masks or even ceramic ones for a cool wall hanging.

unprimed mask (left) and mask with adhesion
promoter and matte white primer (right)
1.  Remove the elastics and set them aside, then clean the masks with some rubbing alcohol to remove any residue or fingerprints.

1a.  OPTIONAL STEP - skip if you just need the mask for one night.  Since these masks will be packed and taken with Betty to Mexico, I chose to prep my masks to ensure the best contact between the products and the mask.  I started with an adhesion promoter for plastics (from the auto section of my local hardware store) and then added a layer of matte white primer for plastics (don't use gloss or you'll be back where you started).

blackbase1b. OPTIONAL STEP: You could spray your entire mask with clear glitter spray at this point to give the entire face a "sugary" look!

2.  Paint or sketch an outline of the shapes you want to create.  Painting your shapes first helps to make sure the glue goes where you want (working with white glue on a white mask is a bit confusing).  Also, pre-painting helps to prevent the white from peeking through the spaces in the glitter, I painted the nose and around the eyes with black paint (I tried at first with sharpies, but they were a bit trickier on the "topography" of the mask - a brush is more forgiving).

  • If using loose glitter and glitter glue, START WITH LOOSE GLITTER first
  • WORK FROM DARK TO LIGHT COLORS!  It's much easier to get a grain or two of yellow out of your black sections than to get black out of your yellow, etc.  Trust me on this one.

glue3.  Brush your glue over the DRY painted area (a brush gives you more control and precision than squeezing from the bottle).  I chose a flexible fabric glue for gems and beads, because I expect the masks to flex a bit during travel.  Most people would get great results just using a good quality white craft glue.

IMPORTANT TIP!  WORK WITH ONE COLOR OF LOOSE GLITTER AT A TIME.  Don't paint glue on for more than one color of glitter.

4.  Pour that glitter on!

Crafty Chica Be-Bob Black glitter
by Duncan Crafts
Tips - using a glitter funnel/tray is very helpful (mine is a Tidy Tray which I scored for a few bucks at a craft show), but if you don't have one, you can use a piece of paper, folded in the center to return unused glitter to the bottle.  Want another tip?  Rub a dryer sheet over the surface of your funnel tray or paper before sprinkling glitter - it will keep the glitter from sticking and return more to the bottle for you to use later!

5.  Repeat for each color of loose glitter.
pattern traced with a silver Sharpie
Glue painted over spiderweb pattern
Pour that glitter!
This is Tulip (by Duncan) superfine holographic silver washable glitter.
I could NOT live without this product.

6.  Did you miss a spot?  No worries!  Just pick up some glue on a toothpick or bamboo skewer and fill in the blank spots, then add more glitter.
I love bamboo skewers and keep them in my craft drawer at all times.
This glitter is Crafty Chica's Pop Star Purple by Duncan
Let the loose glitter set/dry between layers OR if using glitter glue next, you can move on immediately.

8.  When you re finished with your loose glitter application for the day, you can start applying glitter glues.
I love glitter glues and swear by Ranger's "Stickles" glitters;
while the bottles are small, they last a long time and are very fine
 and acid-free.  You can find them at most crafting or scrapbooking shops.
Sometimes I like to blend colors together, like the yellow, orange and red in the flames.
Once again, toothpicks and bamboo skewers are VERY helpful!  Just run them back and forth in the glitter and you end up with an artsy fartsy look.

9.  After everything dries (I let it dry overnight), brush off the loose glitter with a fluffy paintbrush.

10.  If you like, you can add some silk or crepe paper flowers.  I attached these with a little hot glue and some E6000 (because they were traveling to Mexico - yours will be fine if you use hot glue).
A few flowers from the Dollar Store and a plastic skull from the Halloween section at my local craft shop!
Leaves and flowers from the Dollar Store, and a plastic skull bead glued to a butterfly from my local craft store.

THAT'S IT!  Now you can just reattach your elastics and rock the party!

Let me know if you have any questions - I'm happy to answer them here.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Excuses, Tutorials and A BIG-ASS GROUP SALE!

Have you been wondering where I was?  Yeah.  Me too.  First, I survived "The Plague" (OK, it was really just strep & sinusitis) which seems to be going around with a vengeance this Autumn.

Second, I've been blogging every week over at Modern Rosies (and I have another really REALLY awesome Ask Krissi's Art Studio tutorial publishing tomorrow!).

Third, and this is the biggie, the GB Handmade team of creative types has been busy behind the scenes cooking up a GREAT pre-holiday sale for all of you!  We're calling this our Skull Appreciation Sale 'cause it's that skully time of year and, let's face it, you'd look funny without your skull (not to mention several other non-cosmetic issues you'd have).

clicky-click for larger version
Here's what will be on sale starting Monday (Halloween!) and going through Wednesday (Día de los Muertos):
Wow.  That's a LOT of stuff to remember!  Well, to make your shopping experience super easy, we will have our sale information in our shop announcements AND you can click this handy little widget, which you'll find in the right side bar of each of our ArtFire shops, which will take you directly to all of our sale items (ArtFire shops only).
October 31st through November 2nd

Click skully for sale items from GB Handmade Members & Affiliates
when you use coupon code BRAINCASE.
Need more info? Visit GB Handmade on Blogger!

We hope to see you on Monday (but you can click on the skully for a sneak peek at some of the sale items now).
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Handmade For The Holidays

Folks, here's a little one-hand-washes-the-other action for you and me. Listen up. and have revamped their wish list integration.  What that means:
  • you can add ANY ArtFire item to your Amazon wishlist with the click of a link (conveniently located right under the "Add To Cart" button, and
  • when you add an ArtFire item to you wish list, that item and the artisan's shop (let's say, oh, Krissi's Art Studio, home of Skelekitty & Friends) will get more hits! 

How great is that for promoting handmade for the holidays?  Pretty great, I think.  I've already added all kinds to handmade goodies to my public wishlist!

What's in it for you?  That's a fair question.  I mean, I did promise some reciprocity.  ;)

Well, starting this week and for the next 10 weeks, Amazon is giving away $2,500 Gift Cards to a lucky winner who has added goodies from another website to their Amazon wish list. You want $2,500 of free shopping money, doncha? Well then add at least one item to your wish-list every week!  Week 1's contest ends on the 16th, so you still have time to get in there.  (If you don't have an account yet, they're really no hassle to sign up for.)
official rules here

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