Monday, March 10, 2008

New blog location and two new features!

Howdy gang!

I know I owe you a blog on the Crafty Chica cruise, but I'm suffering through a cold and don't think I would do the trip justice if I tried to write about it now! In short, it was F@%ING AWESOME!!! Kathy and Patrick Murillo are just about the nicest people I've ever met! Her positive outlook rubbed off on me not unlike the copious amounts of glitter that trailed behind us all as we moved through the ship! Hopefully, that will tide you over. In the meantime, there are photos in my MySpace pics section and in my Flickr account.

Right now, I'm working on paper to sketch out my revised website, I decided to move my "official" blog to Blogspot for more/better exposure outside of MySpace, so here I am!

I will also be creating two new sections that I think everyone will love:

++++"Over Krissi's Shoulder" (working title) will feature a walk through of some of my projects and will include tips, hints & lots and lots of photos. Look back through my blog and you'll see a few of these here and there. I'll also be creating some beginning to intermediate projects with step-by-step instructions. These will be available for download FOR FREE.

++++"Shopping with Krissi" (again, the working title) will be a list of my favorite products, their uses (why I love them better than other brands) and where to find them. I'll also list my favorite stores, both online and brick and mortar.

I would be THRILLED to receive some feedback from those of you who regularly read my blog and check out my pieces. Let me know what you want:

Would you rather have those features in a blog you can subscribe to, or on their own pages of my website?

I get asked "how did you do that" all the time - which project would you like to see in progress?

What tips & tricks do you want to learn?

What products do you want to know about?

What kind of free project would you like me to offer for download?

It's finally your chance for some input, so SPEAK UP FOLKS!