Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh, I am SO making this!

I have jewelery boxes, but my most-worn pieces never seem to make it back there, so I’m going to make one of these necklace organizers TODAY (in between sneezes)! To be decorated and otherwise Krissi-fied, of course:

Clicky on the picky to check out more from Craft Magazine, or just go to the tutorial from Daisy Janie!


On a similar note (frames, mirrors)... We each got one of Kathy’s hand-sewn cards on the first night of the cruise. Here’s what I made yesterday & finished up this morning especially for my La Crafty Rockera card, which is my favorite of all the "La Crafty" chicas Patrick has painted! Of course she’s my favorite, I mean she has a kitty and a parrot and tattoos AND she’s painting (she needs some pink in her hair, though).

As she hangs in my studio:
lacraftyrockera-framedcustom frame for Crafty Rockera card

Everything was done free-hand using Golden brand liquid acrylics, my new favoriate paint (except the heart and flames were painted using heavy body artist acrylics for texture). There’s a little irridescent medium mixed in here and there too for a little extra fun.