Thursday, September 11, 2008

I never know where these things are going....

While I'm happy with the way that my last project on canvasboard -eww- turned out in the end, it is nowhere near what I was going for (I mean, 'that for which I was going'...?). Anyway, here's the progression:

Sketch on canvasboard - girl with cat

a little color - girl with cat (bad lighting)

collaged dress & more shading - girl with cat

some layering - girl with cat

detailing - girl with cat

girl with cat - final

BTW, today is my 10th as-a-couple anniversary with Ron. Our 5th wedding anniversary is one month from today.

Oh, and here's the newest challenge. She's been a challenge from the beginning, I had two other ideas for what this was going to be before the mermaid just sort of appeared....
sirena - woodburning complete, some more shading

I'm totally in love with that fish, though.