Thursday, September 18, 2008

"This is ME expressing MYself!"

I went to my hubby's office yesterday to hang his newly commissioned walking eye! painting (along with a Skelekitty quilt that he has on loan until October).
Walking EYE (final)

detail Play Time!

I have to tell you just how fun it was to walk past all the security cameras into a Fortune 500 company with my pink hair, covered in paint, wearing my overalls and carrying more weird art for his office (he's a Director, too!). How fun? Too fun.

I also hung an "ElderBot" (complete with glow-in-the-dark paint) painting by C!nder that Ron's had for a while:
Painting from C!nder

This is the piece by Nicolas Caesar that started it all:
Nik Caesar painting

Oddly enough, immediately following Ron's acquisition of this remarkable painting, a memo went out that all art hung in offices needed to be "professional." Our answer: we ARE professionals. Lucky for him (and me too, since his income buys the kitty (and Krissi) kibble), we have different last names, so I don't get him into too much trouble just by being me.