Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Problem with Swap-Bot

. . . is that I never want to give away what I make. Of course, if not for the swaps, I'd never even bother to make this stuff in the first place.

I got SOOOOO behind when I was sick for the month of July, and my gym schedule, administering Scary CRAFT and being in Suzi Blu's mixed-media class ain't helping with the ol' time management. I really AM catching up on my backlog of swaps though (and if you're owed one from me, feel free to nag, contact, whine and/or plead). This one here got shoved to the front of the line 'cause it doubles as a homework assignment and as my "Frida-licious Mixed-Media Canvasboard" for a private group swap on the Bot. As soon as partners are assigned, it's GAWN (I wonder who the lucky recipient will be).

I also finished one last week for my "...of Guadalupe" themed swap (create a work entitled [whatever] of Guadalupe), but have been holding back with the photos 'cause it's going to be featured as a free pattern on a popular crafting blog/shop on Tuesday. I don't want to ruin the surprise for that one, but I think Artsy Gringa Michele will be happy when she sees it and finds out she's the recipient of this particular Guadalupe silliness (and may even forgive my tardiness).

iPhone of Guadalupe
Speaking of Guadalupe, check out this awesome "iPhone of Guadalupe" that I received from Selena, my rockin' swap partner (kylieNhavannahsMom)! I need to keep an eye on it whenever Kathy's in town, of course! Between the PBRs (please will someone tell me where to find these cheaply??) and the iPhone, Crystal Case may come a knockin' as well.