Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ladies, you REALLY need to get one of these!

Questions, questions, all the time I get questions!

Here's one I hear a lot, "where do you get all of your ideas for Skelekitty?" Most of the time, I get 'em from this guy here:
Ron - 10/11/03
This is my hubby, for those of you who haven't yet met him. We met over 20 years ago in college (January 1986) and, after he teased me relentlessly for a few years, went our separate ways.  A mere 12 years later we were dating and five years after that we were married.  I know - we shouldn't have rushed it.

Ron swears he's not an artist, but he IS a creative thinker and comes up with some good ideas. He is responsible for the rubber stamps becoming a reality, and came up with quite a few of the image ideas including the concept for Skelekitty's new blog image (which I made a reality last night and this morning):
Skelekitty - blogging!

My point here is that you never know what creativity lurks within your own family.  If someone is willing to talk ideas out with you, take advantage of it.  You never know how it might change your life!

She'll be going up on my blog as the link to the official SK page soon -- hopefully today (if the birdies stop screaming their heads off and give me more than 2 minutes in a row).