Monday, September 8, 2008

Two new items on Etsy!

Both available at Krissi's Stitchery on Etsy for only $65 each, but make me an offer for both pieces and we'll talk. (Sorry, these pieces are not available for trading.)

First, a naughty phrase to make you laugh:

Star F**ker
"Star F**ker"  11x16" mixed media on canvas text
Unfortunately, most of us know at least one of these.  Text (color on color) reads, 
"I do nothing ORIGINAL"
"but i know people who do."
"who I know defines my worth"
newspaper clippings, sharpie markers, glitter, milagros, golden liquid acrylics, crystal medium and ... ummm... paper towels (Bounty, if you MUST know).
details from "Star Fucker"

Also available,
The Catalyst (mixed media on canvas)
"The Catalyst" 16x11 mixed media on canvas
Cohort or alter ego to the Star F**ker, The Catalyst enjoys creating volatile situations with her "friends" and sitting back to enjoy the explosions. Since she is not, by her very nature, consumed by the process, she is able to create many such reactions over and over again.
Golden liquid acrylics, granular gel
(Golden), digital transfers with gel medium
details of "the Catalyst"