Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Walking EYE!"

October is coming up quickly and, thought I've enjoyed drawing the pretty girls in the Mixed-Media with Suzi Blu "Les Petites Dolls" online class lately, I wanted to take those techniques and do something just a little more "me."

On Friday night, after an evening of geeking out to yet another DVD marathon of The Venture Bros., Ron asked, "can you do a Walking EYE" painting? Oh yeah. You KNOW I got up early on Saturday and immediately sat down to create one ... giggling my butt off while I did it.

So here it is, probably "mostly finished" 'cause I still think that there might need to be a quote or something else over The Monarch butterflies. Which quotation, I know not.

UPDATE: Quote is, "When word of this gets out, business will pick right up!" 

Walking EYE (final)
Text was added via gel transfer technique using Golden regular gel medium (gloss).