Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CONTEST: How do you "break the rules?"

I was inspired by two related posts by fellow craftistas.  The first was by Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching showing us her embroidery "backside" with all the lumps and bumps that were unfit for normal viewing.  The second was by Rachel, AKA "Average Jane Crafter" talking about how she felt empowered to knot on the back of her work when she discovered Jenny does it (it's a hardcore embroidery no-no).

Geez.  I always start out trying to follow instructions, but somewhere I veer off into my own world.  For example, I was given a challenge to create my idea of a perfect neighborhood using an altered book or chipboard house shapes, like this awesome example by one of my artist friends:

Here's mine:
Matchbox Artist Lofts
(pssst! I did a tutorial on how to make this here.)

I think my Mother would be proud to know that I've finally given up on following the rules at all costs (I was a very serious child).

This line of thinking got me off onto yet another tangent:  A lot of people think some crafters can actually attain creative perfection somehow (yes, people have actually told me they think I don't screw pieces up).  Trust me, I've screwed up PLENTY of stuff.  Not only do I make gargantuan messessss, but the back of my art quilts (before I put the backing on) look a lot like thread vomit.

Welcome Home Skelekitty quilt

So I figured that if I can admit that the ankle tattoo on this quilt was a cover-up (ink from the shoes ran onto the leg during the final pressing), then YOU, my friends, can tell me a secret or two.

DETAIL: Welcome Home Skelekitty quilt

So tell me either:
  • What colossal errors have you made??  What did you learn from it, how did you recover and if you successfully covered it up, how? 
  • What "rules" (like "never knot on the back of your embroidery") do you break and why?
  • Show off your "backside" - you know, the dark underbelly of your arts and crafts, such as the messy and unfinished "inside" of this pillowcase (my very first sewing project):
    bad finish
Post your stories here (and don't forget links to your photos!).  In exchange, you will receive:
  1. the knowledge that you've empowered and liberated a fellow crafter by admitting what you do "wrong"
  2. the relief that comes with letting go of dirty little secrets AND
  3. an opportunity to win a set of six hand embellished note cards!
Let's give it a week, shall we?  All posts must be in before the morning of Wednesday, May 6th, 2009, then I'll choose a winner at random.  CONTEST CLOSED!

Oh, and be honest!  Let's see what we can learn from each other!

Be crafty,