Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hank the Dog and a Sale Update

11/27 (2:00 pm PST) UPDATE:  

THIS JUST IN!!!!  Donation amounts from all "Help Hank" purchases made in my shop between NOW and 11:59PM on Monday night will be matched DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR by an anonymous donor!!!  The love just keeps pouring in!  (Just go to my shop and search HELPHANK or click on his happy photo!)

Hank is a good-natured black Lab who was found last Thanksgiving on the Sacramento river by a local photographer, artist, musician, personal trainer and all-around awesome woman, Allyson Seconds. If you don't know Al, I can assure you that she gives to the community whenever and however she can.  Now one of her rescued dogs needs more veterinary care than she can afford (following two medical incidents with her Lab/Border Collie cross, Lulu last month).

Therefore, I decided that in addition to my customer appreciation / un-occupy the malls sale this weekend (see below), I would donate all profits from select animal-themed prints & pendants to Hank's veterinary fund.

While the flyer says it starts tomorrow, I will honor any
Operation Help Hank purchases today.  'Cause I love that big galoot.

UPDATES ON HANK can be found here, on Allyson's facebook page

Just click on the HELP HANK button here or in the Skelekitty & Friends shop to see which items are part of the benefit.  I'm adding more each day.  All you do is make a qualifying purchase before the clock chimes 12 midnight on Tuesday morning.  You don't need to do anything else, I'll automatically donate the profits to Allyson for Hank.  However, you're encouraged to send a little note with your purchase - I really like little notes and I'll pass those on to Al as well.

How to Help Hank:


  • you may also make a PayPal donation to Allyson and Operation Help Hank (this donation goes directly to Al & doesn't pass through my account)  **if you have difficulty with this link and are using a mobile device or tablet, just use your PayPal app and make a donation to  Thanks!

I have also added two more days to my UN-occupy the malls sale to thank all of my customers for their support over the years.  
Just look for the "COUPON" banner on items starting at midnight tonight
then use the code for that day at checkout
p.s. The search feature is a little glitchy today, I'll have it fixed by tonight!
I'm finishing up a run of pendants to list in the shop for the sale, so I'd better get off this darned computer and start photographing and listing them!  

And yes, any sales items that also fall into the Help Hank category will automatically have the profits donated to Al.