Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hank Fundraiser - background and update

11/27 UPDATE!!  THIS JUST IN!!!!  Donation amounts from all "Help Hank" purchases made in my shop between NOW and 11:59PM on Monday night will be matched DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR by an anonymous donor!!!  The love just keeps pouring in!  (Just go to my shop and search HELPHANK or click on his happy photo!)

If you are wondering what all this is about "Hank" the dog, let me plagiarize a friend (Paige Lettington)'s Facebook post:

To all my friends who love animals (as well as music and lifting heavy things)...Allyson Seconds was my first trainer at BodyTribe and she rescues animals. In fact, she was late to our first session because she was rescuing a squirrel. Her most recent rescue (that I know of) is Hank, a very sweet black lab whom she has had for about a year. He has come down with Leptospirosis, and has had some vet bills this past week that are tough for Al to handle. Her other dog, Lulu (also a rescue) had two vet incidents this month too, and Al makes her living making music and making people strong, so her financies are limited. There are a couple of ways to help. You can buy something (and support a local artist) from Krissi Sandvik through Monday, or donate directly to Al via PayPal. See both options here:

Thanks to ALL OF YOU, I've been able to gather $130 from the sale of prints and pendants, and we still have two full days to go! Through donations and purchases, Allyson was able to obtain the diagnosis via an expensive 'senior blood panel."  I cannot express just how much the purchases and notes I've received, both to me and on behalf of Hank, Allyson and Kevin Seconds, have done to restore my faith in humanity.  For that alone, thank you.

I have a few newish pieces going up in the shop to help raise funds for Hank's vet bills.  To find out which pieces will have all profits donated to Hank's vet fund, just click on the "Help Hank" picture in my shop or search "helphank" on
The HELP HANK sale has been extended INDEFINITELY

If you can only afford a couple of dollars or would prefer your entire donation go to Hank, you may also donate directly to Allyson via PayPal (her address is

Thank you again for your caring, help, notes and for just being awesome.

You guys rock.

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