Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Not-Really-A-Tutorial (Glass & Resin Jewelry)

"Inchie" pendant (1" square)
People ask me what procedure and techniques I use to make my glass tile and resin jewelry all the time.  The reason I haven't done a tutorial isn't that I am playing my pendants close to my chest, as it were.  It's just a super, duper involved process and I've never stopped to photograph each step as I go.

However, since this question has popped up again recently, I'll give you the 30-second version (sorry, no bunnies).

* print art and titles for backs (I use an Epson printer and Epson matte 27lb presentation paper)
* spray art with fixative
Seriously, the resin has to be
* cut art and title pieces into itty bitty squares
*  glue art to glass tile (art faces glass tile)
*  glue title to back of art
*  seal title piece AND EDGES with silicone sealant
* wait for dry time
* clean edges of glass
mix resin PERFECTLY
*  run resin around edges
* wait for set/cure time (overnight)
*  apply resin to entire back
If I do the resin all in one step, it "domes" and pulls away from
the edge, leaving a spot where moisture can seep under.
By running a bead of resin around the edge, allowing
it cure and then applying to the back, the art is fully protected
(but I still don't recommend you shower or swim while wearing your jewelry!)
*  stare at pieces for 48 hours to a week, depending on temperature and humidity
* quality check (toss or send back to "resin edges" stage)
* clean and polish
*  glue on bail
*  package in box with chain, care instructions and goodies
*  pack
* mail
*  pray that the USPS comes through


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  1. OMG. Just looking at that stresses me out. I need to go out and get some air.