Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yesterday's Progress - photo blog (is that, like, a "flog?")

Well, first:

This doesn't look like the results of an entire afternoon of printing,
 sealing and trimming, but it is.  Next step,
what I do best: "gluing shit to other shit."
OK.  Now I have glass tiles with little
pictures glued to them.
Here's what they look like dry - these still need the backs glued on
and then have the sides and back sealed with resin

These are all finished - they just need final polishing and bails, then
they'll be going to new homes (or joining me at Art Bazaar & Bizarre Art in
Midtown Sacramento on Saturday night!)

But then:
Hey!  This is new!  1" rings!
So you take your glass tile with awesome art glued to the back...
... and you pop it in (with the help of a little E6000 adhesive).
These little goodies will be premiering on at Art Bazaar & Bizarre Art
on December 10th (5-8pm) in Midtown Sacrament OR you can order
them from my ArtFire shop (contact me for a custom listing for now).

And just because:

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