Monday, December 5, 2011

Shipping and Order Status Information

"I'm too pretty to work." ~Skelekitty
Hi everyone!  Things are much busier than usual here in my studio, but as usual, Skelekitty is being a lazy bum, moving from sun spot to sun spot without lifting one bony paw to help!  Darned cat.  I've been so overwhelmed with orders for the Help Hank fund that I'm running a little more behind than usual. Mind you, I am NOT complaining!  My heart is absolutely full to bursting with how people have come together for that dog. 

So.  Updates.  I haz dem:


When I print your mailing label, you will receive a notification e-mail from USPS tracking, however, there is usually some lag time between when I print the label to pack your order and when the package is picked up by my super-awesome mail carrier. When the package actually goes out the door, you will receive an e-mail from ArtFire* saying that your package shipped, and one with your shipping confirmation number again. Oh, and shipping on original art and pendants ALWAYS includes insurance, so if you have any difficulty with your package, we've got it covered. 
* if your order ships in separate packages, you will received the ArtFire "shipped" confirmation only after all items have shipped.


Prints:  All prints in orders placed before December first have been packed & shipped, and USPS Track & Confirm notices have been sent.  These shipments include orders for prints placed with jewelry or original art (prints and jewelry/small art ordered together always ship separately because of the different shapes and sizes).  Print orders placed after 12/1 will ship later this week - probably Thursday, maybe earlier if I stay focused!

Jewelry:  Turnaround time for jewelry orders is usually 7-14 days.  Yep, it takes that long for me to make them since they involve lots of little steps with 12-hour drying times in between.  With the increased number of orders (and my aforementioned alter ego being a bum), I'm estimating a minimum of 14 days for jewelry now, just to be on the safe side.  Anyway, since the prints are out the door, I am spending today working on finishing up earring and pendant orders and making some extras for the show Allyson and I are doing on the 10th in Sacramento.

My sincere apologies for the extra wait time.  All orders already placed WILL be to you well before Christmas!  I promise.  And if anyone has some extra elves they want to send my way, I wouldn't refuse 'em!

Do you have a question that wasn't answered in this post?  The fastest way to get a response is to e-mail  Facebook posts/tags/PMs, ArtFire messages and other contact methods are hit and miss at best.

Thank you again for the awesome response to the Help Hank fund!  I do still have some in-stock and ready to ship pendants, so if you're in a hurry for a gift, check 'em out.  More will be added on December 11th.