Monday, November 28, 2011

New Look & Call For YOUR Questions

Howdy all!  I hope you were all able to find something to be thankful for last week (well, every day would be even better).

Hand turkey art by my friend Wenchkin,
for whose friendship and creativity I am constantly thankful

Aside from some breaks to walk Abby or spend time with friends and neighbors, I've been nose-down in the studio raising funds for my friend Allyson's dog Hank who contracted Leptospirosis (he was a stray who Al stalked, lured, caught and then fell in love with).  Hank does seem to be improving, but there is a lot of creation, packing and mailing to do before the day is out.  Then some more fundraising.

I also took an hour out of my schedule today to update the look and feel of my blog - it had been really bothering me for the last few months.  I hope you like the changes.

As the year comes to a close, I'd love to know what you would like to see from me here.  As you know, I have been posting at the group blog, Modern Rosies, since it launched in September, and I will continue to post recipes and DIY household tips over there along with the Ask Krissi's Art Studio column.

As for this blog, I have every intention of diving back into the Marketing Tidbits as soon as I look up from my orders and projects - have no fear. So are there any particular marketing questions you'd like answered?  Any tutorials that I haven't yet covered?  Anything you'd like help with? Something you're just curious about? Please, take advantage of my years of trial and error and error and error.  Clue me in on what you'd like help with by either leaving a comment on this post or dropping me an e-mail.

Thanks, as always, for reading and supporting my art and ramblings.

xo & <3



  1. Taking product pictures, product pictures highlighting what is OBVIOUS incorrect technique, HOW TO MARKET ON SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES!!!!

  2. Photos. Yes. Definitely a good one. I need to update my social networking post to include Google+ and the differences between that and Facebook.