Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Creativity Continues - Days 10 & 11

We all need a creative space. You know, a little spot in which to glue stuff to other stuff. I've realized that no matter how much space I'm given, my creative essentials (the aforementioned "stuff") fills it and overflows into the rest of the house. I am beginning to suspect that art and craft supplies are, in fact, gaseous substances and not solids as previously thought.

So, yesterday, for the tenth day in a row of the DaVinci Mode Challenge, I started reorganizing the supplies in my studio. I moved collections out of the small drawers they had outgrown and put them into large boxes, moved my fabrics to the back of the studio and my mixed media things up front where I can find them easily. I still have a lot more to do, but I'm happy with the changes I've made so far. Besides the resulting organization, I am reminded of a lot of supplies I'd forgotten about!

Today, for day 11, I went to my local bead store (not only is it within walking distance and well-stocked with cool stuff, but I also have a wholesale account there AND occasionally see my friend Rain). Since I figured I'd better do something about the goal I stated for day 9, I bought a few supplies for my pendant & earring kits.

This evening, I also prettified and reused a mailer WHILE taking photos for a tutorial (I'll post that tomorrow). The last recycled mailer I did looked like this:
Recycling is FUN!

OK, time to spend some time with the family! Oh, and my friend Keith (KeeF to me), on whom I put much eyeliner in the 80's, is coming to visit me tomorrow! YAY!