Friday, April 18, 2008

Swapping again & another login....

Last October I joined Swap-Bot (a trading site, for those of you unfamiliar) so that I'd have something to do with my crafts -- as many of you know, I don't rely on selling those like I do my quilts, but love to craft like a madwoman.

Anyway, one of my pals (Jo of Vidriosa Designs) started a swap I just couldn't resist - a skull for your muertos shrine! I did two of my calavera plaques for my partners - carefully choosing their favorite colors (and avoiding the ones they didn't like). I got an awesome hand-sculpted skele-Frida shrine from one of my partners (kateyb), and from the other, I got what looked like a used paddleball paddle someone had taken a highlighter to. This put me off the Bot for a little bit... However, I remembered that I joined because I'm already crafting for fun, so I'm back on now. This time though, I'm trading with folks I met on the Crafty Chica cruise and a few others. I could get a bad swap when I go outside my groups, but hey..... That's life for you.

Unfortunately, I didn't take photos of MY package to my pal Alisa or the one I got from "Mamita" Virginia in the "Mi Casa - Su Casa" swap that our cruise group did. Oops. Both packages ROCKED, though! I did take photos of the two matchboxes for an "opposite" swap and an 8"x8" wall hanging I've sent out this week:

First, the Good Girl/Bad Girl pulp fiction matchbox (made using images from a book Mamita gave me in the Mi Casa swap):

here's the "book" fully assembled:

and my very first altered matchbox EVER, the sweets/diet // virgin/devil matchbox:

and an 8 inch mini-quilt for some lucky (at least I hope that's what she thinks) chica:


And finally, thanks to the Sacredest of Snatches, I'm on Twitter. She must have known that I NEEDED another page to log into, yes? No wonder I forget logins and passwords!