Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Auntie" Krissi!

My friend, Heather... Hell, she's more like family, since we shared a room in college and lived together off & on for 10 years in San Francisco (The Mission District), called me today. I wasn't surprised to hear her on the other end of the phone since I'd been thinking about her a lot and even dreamed about her the other night. The Vulcan Mind Meld is still strong, even after a decade+ of NOT living together. Well, she's preggers! It wasn't planned so much, but the impending baby girl is very much wanted and will be loved an adored by many. Heather and her hubby, Mark, are going to make great parents, but Mark is CLUELESS about how much that little one is going to have him wrapped around her tiny fingers.... It will be more than just a little entertaining to see him go all zombie-dad (complete with heart-bubbles popping over his head) and watch Heather rolling her eyes.

Heather's pregnancy doesn't JUST mean she & Mark will be having a baby. It also means I get to go on an insane "auntie" rampage collecting and making fun and funky baby stuff! Heather was a split major in college - Art/English (I was English with an Economics minor), so she loves the funky stuff. Also, she worked for years for PB Kids & is so over the whole coordinated nursery thing, it isn't even funny. Her hubby is a surfer dude at heart from Cambria, CA who drives an old T-Bird and plays bass in the Sex Presleys so I'm not worried that anything I'll give them will be too wild or too silly.

I've just put in a request to Suzi Boneshaker for a custom kitty bat cupcake onesie (once she recovers from her own child delivery next month), I have my eye on a sugar skull onesie from the most Sacred of Snatchitas, and I think I'll make some of my own. I see a special Skelekitten onsie in the little one's future. As soon as that kid is toddling, you can also be assured that I'll be providing her with her very first pair of high top chucks (in pink).

I was really in the dumps today for no reason whatsoever. After a great workout with Allyson at Body Tribe (including a snuggle session with Lulu), I was feeling a lot better. An unplanned nap with my Mouse on my lap (what we call "being Moused") and the call from Heather really improved my outlook on life. Sometimes all you need is a little furry creature & ol' friend action to get you out of the pit-o-despair.

So there ya go!