Thursday, April 3, 2008

She'll probably kick my butt with her giant Amazon feet

...but I just had to share.

My pal Sara (aka the QoT) came over today after WAY too long of an absence so we could get super crafty. Well, I was supposed to get crafty and she claimed that she was incapable of doing crafts. My response was something like, "Pshhhhh!"

Of course, it was so nice today that we had to take the ’stang out for a spin first, with the top down (the car’s not Sara’s). After we finished terrorizing Folsom, we came home for a tasty lunch and a few episodes of Beavis & Butthead before setting to our projects. First, she got to observe two of the crafter’s best friends - the color copier and the 1" craft punch. She got a lesson in basic wire wrapping (and did pretty dang well right out of the gate) by adding skull beads to her kitties’ new collars. She reglazed a shrinky dink skelekitty necklace (of Welcome Home) that got goofed up and got to take the necklace home for her efforts.

And then we really got down to the business at hand. All I did was toss some polymer clay (the very awesome Sculpey Lite - 1/3 less calories than regular Sculpey) and some skull molds ( her way and off she went!

The molds left the skulls a little "soft" looking, so she improved on their features with some tools and then went to town with leftover wire from the kitty collars and a few nails that were in my workspace. I sort of pointed her in the direction of my paintbox, glitters and brushes, then went off to sew and swear (those two go together).

Check out what this self-proclaimed "non-crafter" turned out!

Aren’t they the cutest couple EVER? (Some of the glaze is still a little milky looking in this photo, but she had to go to work this evening...).

Here’s Mr. punky dude with a view of his awesome mohawk and lip ring:

A few more crafting sessions and I think I can get her to acknowledge her inner craftista.