Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is this "weird?" It seems normal to me.

I had to fill out 10 random "weird" things about myself for a group on Swap-Bot & it turned out to be more interesting and revealing than I expected.

  1. I have a maternal reaction to baby everything except humans (they're OK - just no maternal reaction).

  2. Sometimes I eat the same thing over and over for weeks, then won't touch it for months afterward.

  3. I powerlift for fun.

  4. When I was 4, I used to hide in my wardrobe or the walk-in closet and read.

  5. I was the only girl in my D&D group in Jr. High and High School.

  6. I have an embarrassingly high IQ, but it never got me anywhere in a practical sense!

  7. I would hibernate with my tortoise every winter if I could get away with it.

  8. Most of my friends are 10-20 years younger or older than I am.

  9. I've had two jobs cleaning up "shit:" one as a legal secretary and the other as a volunteer zookeeper's aid; the pay was better at the law firm, but the zoo was less scary.

  10. I have to be using my brain at all times. If I'm eating, I need to have conversation, music or a book (or a cereal box, a drink menu...). I need the TV on to fall asleep unless I'm reading.