Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Silly and Relaxing Day

Since I'm going to be gone for a full week, Ron will be 'Doggie Daddy' while also continuing his responsibilities as primary doggie/kitty/birdie kibble provider. Conveniently for me, Allyson will also be gone next week (she'll be at SXSW with Kev, Kepi and a few other musical types), so my gym schedule won't suffer any more that it already has this week thanks to my poorly-timed cold. Unfortunately for Ron, that means he can't do the 2 birds/one stone thing by bringing Abby to Body Tribe for a Lulu play date while he works out. SO, in an attempt to avoid the inevitable holocaust (bored JRT + kitties = hubby goes nuts), I found a great all-play doggie day camp here at PetSmart in town and Abbers went for her first session today.

Well, as soon as I dropped Abby off, I realized I had 3 to 5 hours where I didn't have to worry about her brain poaching inside of her skull if I left her in the car; NOR did I need to worry about certain death at the paws of Finnegan if I left her at home. Can you say PEDICURE? I almost fell asleep in the chair as soon as my feets hit that warm water. To top it all off, I have hot pink toes to match my hot pink hair just in time for the cruise next week. After a leisurely walk (no poop bags involved), I spent over an hour in Target trying on clothes I didn't need and finally settling on a few necessities (which included a new stick blender for Ron). It was heavenly. I now understand how stay-at-home Moms can 'have all day' and still get nothing done.
My 'day off'

I decided to run one more "errand" on my way to pick Abby up, and dropped by Borders to pick up the now infamous issue of Mark Lipinski's Quilter's Home magazine. Of course, while there, I browsed every single section - just 'cause I could. I haven't peeled off the protective plastic wrapper (err... "condom"), but I will report back once I have.

ABBY DID GREAT! As expected, she hated being left alone during lunch-naptime (squealed and whined), but loved everyone and everything else. I called Ron with the good news and he asked, "Are you going to put a bumper sticker on your car?" Ha ha. No, but I am going to post the report here and tape it to the fridge.

Abby's Progress Report
So there.

Oh yeah, and my objective was achieved. Case in point - tired dog (1).