Monday, March 9, 2009

ATCs for the Crafty Chica Cruise NEXT WEEK

Once again, I am headed southward to partake in several days of crafting upon the high seas with a group of crazy chicas. On Sunday, I'll be departing from San Diego, along with 49 other craftistas, for four days of gluing shit to other shit. Awesome.

On the evening of day one, we are doing an artist trading card (ATC) exchange so I started creating individual stamped and painted ATCs a couple of weeks back. Some I created using prints of my original paintings, some using Skelekitty stamps and some just using stuff I had around the studio. I have 29 or 30 of these little babies - 25 are pictured here:

Stamped (mostly) ATCs for Crafty Chica Cruise 09

Soon, I realized I'd only made 30 when I looked back on this huge amount of work. Trying to figure out how NOT to reinvent the wheel and create another 20 or 30 cards, I was hit with an idea. Make a Lotería set using my own paintings, art quilts and mixed-media works!
El Pastelito (The Cupcake) Loteria by Krissi Sandvik La Catrina Loteria by Krissi Sandvik-c Los Enamorados (The Lovers) Loteria by Krissi Sandvik La Sirena (The Siren/Mermaid) Loteria by Krissi Sandvik La Calavera (The Skull) Loteria by Krissi Sandvik El Perro (The Dog) Loteria by Krissi Sandvik El Robot Loteria by Krissi Sandvik La Gaseosa Lite (The Diet Soda) Loteria by Krissi Sandvik El Zapato (The Shoe) Loteria by Krissi Sandvik La Dama (The Lady) Loteria by Krissi Sandvik

And a selection of the resulting ATCs (yay for Stickles glitter by Ranger!):
Loteria ATCs for Crafty Chica Cruise 09

It's a good thing I finished these last week, since I am suffering from a pretty icky cold and I want to be sure I'm well before Saturday! Wish me luck.

I'm looking forward to trading my cards with other crafters and playing in glue, glitter and ink for a whole week. For now, I have Nyquil, my snuggly doggie and a pillow.