Sunday, June 29, 2008

Big-Ass Announcement for SKELEKITTY Fans!

Skelekitty has goals & that spunky little minx cannot be stopped!

I am very proud to announce that the first Skelekitty rubber stamp is in the works and will soon be available to you.

skelekitty rubber stamp - COMING SOON

"Always Time for Love" is the first of what I hope will be many Skelekitty designs (the next in line, depending on the stampin' public's reaction to "Love" will either be "Welcome Home" or a brand new skelekitty-mermaid design).

Special thanks to Lee Kellogg of Stampa Fe Rubber Stamps for taking Skelekitty on, and to my husband, Ron, for coming up with many of Skelekitty's poses and especially for pimping the idea out to Lee - it didn't take much since, luckily for us, she was looking for a cute kitty muertos image! We met Lee at her AWESOME store, Guadalupe Rubber Stamps in Santa Fe, NM (online shopping is now available folks) during our visit in May, and I've kept quiet on the announcement until now. It's because of these two that I'm able to offer this design to the rubber stamping world!

More special thanks to Kathy Murillo (aka The Crafty Chica) for convincing me I could actually do something like this and to Yoli Manzo (aka Sacred Snatch) for her undying support and willingness to listen.

Stay tuned for more information like Skelekitty's release date, pricing and future designs (which will depend on your reaction to this first stamp image)!