Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Anticipating the launch of two awesome product lines!


A few of my pals from the Sacramento Craft Mafia have started a new company, Pimp Stitch! Starting June 25th, they'll be offering original designs for hand embroidery! All eight of the pattern collections are created by the four designers, Tamie Snow (Roxiecraft), Missy Balance (Mohair Circus & Crafty Carnival), Amy Cluck (Peptogirl Industries) and Lauren Brandy (Goody-Goody & Speckled Hen). Each of these very talented ladies brings their own unique style to the mix & .

Can't wait for the 25th? Well worry not; there are FREE goodies to be had in the meantime (free is my favorite word)! Just head over to pimpstitch.com, or get all clicky for the newest free pattern, Get Your Party On designed by our own Peptogirl, Amy (featuring, of course, a cupcake)!

And if you haven't done so already, be sure to download Missy's free design, Let's Get This Party Started, or you'll be sorry!

Next week, free embroidery pattern goodness from Lauren! Woo Hoo!


So everyone knows by now how awesome the Crafty Chica Cruise was this March, yes? Well I've been waiting, impatiently at times, since I first heard Kathy Caño-Murillo was working with Duncan Crafts to launch a Crafty Chica product line. Thank the glitter gods (actually, goddesses is probably more accurate) that it's almost here. August first.

Every day during the last week of July, I will probably be lurking outside each morning, awaiting the opening of my local craft store (the one that has a masculine name) so that I can get my butt in there and get all my Crafty Chica glittery, bright and Latin goodness as soon as possible. (Maybe Sacred Snatch and I can team up and divide and conquer.... Hmmm... that's worth considering.) The product line will be in 140+ of these craft stores throughout the western & southwestern US on promotional endcaps. The purchases that we make at this unnamed craft store now will be the deciding factor on what products they decide to carry in their permanent inventory - this product line's future is in OUR paint-spattered hands, fellow craftistas!

Here's just a tiny peek at just a few of the awesome items!

In the meantime, head over to Kathy's website and blog for project ideas. Don't forget to drop in on her Flickr account and choose the "crafty chica" (by Patrick Murillo) that best represents you & put her on your website!