Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why? Part 2

For part one in the "Why?" series, click here (sorry - it's only on my MySpace blog).

When I tell folks outside of my immediate circle that I train the way I do (i.e., like a powerlifter), I get looks of puzzlement and sometimes well-meaning, but ill-informed advice on watching out so I don't "bulk up" (umm, I've lost several sizes & many inches since starting this regimen). If you don't buy that, have you SEEN my trainer who can outlift and outbench me by several times???

Thanks to the training methods of Chip Conrad at Body Tribe, and the lovely Allyson Goble (aka Seconds)'s seemingly unlimited patience in actually training me (known at the Tribe as "The Grumble Bee"), I was able to do what I've decided to call "Krissi's Up The Garden Path Workout:"

Brick Pathway

- pickax swings (20 lb ax) 100 reps to loosen "soil" (ha! aka clay/granite/mining tailings); take as long as you need to complete all 100 reps - don't cut off your toes
- deadlift warmups, 10 reps: using a pair of vice grips, pull 3" rusted garden 'staples' out of clay
- shoveling wet earth/clay, 100 reps
- sandbag deadlift, toss, deadlift (50 lb bags of paver sand) 6 reps - pick up and toss bags, cut open and deadlift bags to empty
- grip strength/wheelbarrow combo:
- load brick pavers 4 at a time into wheelbarrow
- carry wheelbarrow 20 yards (though obstacle course - don't run over the tortoise) and unload bricks
(this combo can be done with heavy weight and light reps or light weight and more reps. Must move 50 SF of bricks.)
- sandbag deadlift, carry, deadlift (50 lb bags of joiner sand) 5 reps - move bags, position on bricks cut open and lift bag to empty sand
-body squats (planting flowers)


Brick Pathway