Friday, August 17, 2012

Critters Make Me Smile!

It has been a busy summer full of "surprises," so I decided to do a few relatively quick paintings to cheer myself up.  It worked like a charm!

These first two portraits were "payment" for my end of a couple of trades.
Gracie, the Australian Shepherd
Mustard Danger, International Lhasa Apso of Mystery!

I was on a roll, so I also did one of my husband's cat, Mouse.
Mouse, the cat who was raised by a dog.  

And while I was awaiting photographs for new portrait orders, I did this for some fun.
For the story behind the Red Kitty with a Pink Tail, see the
"Happiness Happens If You Make It" post on the Corporate Rejects blog

For those interested in a custom portrait, they are available through my online shop at