Monday, September 5, 2011

Marketing Tidbit O' The Day: Sales Etiquette #1

Yes, there is a Miss Manners guide to holding sales.  You didn't know that?  Uh oh.  We'd better get started, then.  Miss Krissi's Manners For Small Business Owners says:

Don't piss off your customers by making each sale better than the one you just held. If you offer "30% off everything" one week, don't come back the next with 40% off and then 50% the week after that.  If you keep reducing prices, you're punishing your loyal customers!  You should reward early shoppers with the best discounts (or discounts on your best stuff), then taper down the amount you take off or only offer discounts on certain items.

Be sure to let everyone know WHAT will be on sale and WHEN the sales are as far in advance as possible so they know when the best deals will be happening.  If you allow your customers to budget for sales and take advantage of your best prices, you will probably do more business than if you have sudden "surprise" sales.

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