Thursday, September 8, 2011

Marketing Tidbit: Give 'Em A Visual

So you know how important it is to show photos of each item you list in your shop, but that's not enough.  Be sure to also include example photos showing any options you offer like sizes, personalization, colors, chain, patinas, etc.

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Example #1: Kim offers a new option on her new 'child friendly' art pieces where you can add your kid's name or a word to the piece.  Her customers are going to want to be able to see what their child's name will look like, but... uh oh!  She doesn't have examples of names on any of the kids' room art pieces yet!  No problem - because she HAS painted words on other pieces so all she has to do is include photos of those pieces. By adding photos that seem unrelated to her listing, her customers get a better idea of what the finished product will look like before they order.

Example #2: I offer pendants with my art on them in "inchie" and "twinchie" (one-inch and two-inch square) versions.   Although I clearly list the measurements and mark the photos, sometimes people really need a visual reference for sizes.
That's where the lovely and talented Beth Br00tality comes in!  Not only did she photograph herself wearing each size pendant, she went above and beyond.  Now people know what to expect (because the 2" pendant is really four times larger than the 1" pendant)!  Yowza!

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