Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Marketing Tidbit: Got a Schedule? Stick With It!

This is a quickie blogging tip for you guys today, since I'm busy actually following my own advice...

If you say you are going to post (photos, examples, tutorials, marketing tidbits, whatever) in a certain place at a certain time, be sure not to change up your schedule whenever you feel like it. If you cannot meet the requirements, you need to reset your schedule and tell people so they can adjust their expectations.

For example, last night I didn't have a post ready to go for my Modern Rosies "Ask Krissi's Art Studio" Thursday feature. I figured I'd write a quick-tip (yeah, like this one).  Then this morning, someone asked a REALLY good question, but I just didn't feel like writing about it today. I wanted to put up a link to something cool for tomorrow then work on writing the feature so it could on the next available open post. Uh. No. Unacceptable. Whether or not I think people are reading those posts, I said I would be posting on Thursdays, so I'm flipping my schedule. I owe it to anyone who is reading, to the blog organizers and to myself.

So I'm off to write a post about pyrography.  What?! No!  I said pyrography, you dirty birdy!  You know, woodburning.  Sheesh.

Do you have an indie business question or tip?  Drop me an e-mail at and let me know!