Saturday, July 25, 2009

Have You Met Chickenpants?

NO!? Well you should.

A couple of years back, Claire Chambers of Absolutely Small and I sorta/kinda crossed paths briefly as fellow members of the Sacramento Craft Mafia. Unfortunately, just as I was leaving to focus more on my art gallery shows she was joining, so we didn't get to know each other much ... well, not at all, really.

Luckily though, Sacramento's creative community, while wide-spread, is tightly knit. Everyone seems to be within 0.5 degrees of separation, so I kept up on what Claire was doing through my other crafty friends like Tamie of Roxycraft and Amy of Peptogirl Industries. I also saw her creations showing up at second Saturday art shows in galleries like Side Show Studios and the now defunct Cool Cat Gallery. After a while, I found Claire (or maybe she found me?) on Flickr and I started keeping track more closely of the Chickenpants family.

In May, I accosted her while she was busy working at Maker Faire '09 and subjected her to a photograph (with me hidden safely BEHIND the camera). She said she didn't want her photo taken, but DANG she sure is cute!

So just about the time I though Claire had reached the peak of cuteness, July rolls around and I find out that she is taking part in Stitch Wars (somthing I'd have jumped on had I been paying attention and known about it). Wait. She'd cute AND geeky? Awesome. I posted a link to her Star Wars Chickenpants collection in a Scary CRAFT blog post and decided that this whole Chickenpants family needed a much MUCH closer look.

Yep. As I suspected. More geekery. Check out this video featuring Flight of the Conchords' Foux de Fafa.

Oh, and did I mention she has a pug? If Claire or the Chickenpants family gets any cuter or geekier, I may pop.