Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Last Straw

Sorry for not posting in almost a month. I've been busy with commissions (update soon) and I managed to catch the summer virus that's going around.

OK, so this is a very recent pic of me at Santa Clarita Craft Lab. I took one look at this and my jaw dropped. Apparently the 20 lbs I worked so hard to get off over the past year have crept back - and they brought a few friends.

After a visit to the doctor and a look at my lipid profile, I finally decided to committing to an eating plan to go along with my exercise. I'd like to be able to go hiking without carrying the equivalent of a 40 lb weighted vest. My husband also claims he'd like me to stick around for the next few decades and not drop dead of a heart attack, thus leaving him single and really pissed of at my dead ass. Interested parties may follow my progress (including all the dirty little details - measurements and exercise and weight, OH MY!) on my weight loss blog.

For the rest of you who come for my ramblings about my dog, arts & crafts, pretty pictures and the occasional tutorial, I'll spare you the 'fat girl' ramblings on this site - I promise. LOL.