Tuesday, July 7, 2009

3 New Pieces (One Is Still Available)

Poison, featuring Skelekitty, is the second in my Jolly Roger series (the first of which is detailed below).

It is an 8x10" acrylic on wood and is priced to sell at only $50 (plus CA sales tax - if applicable, and $7 shipping / insurance). I've already had several inquiries, but as of this posting, it's available.

A little low on scratch? Worry not. Open edition prints are also available for an even better price of $16 each (and if you purchase more than one, shipping on the rest -up to 5- is FREE!)

The first painting in the series was the result of me playing around with an idea to do a skull & "crossbones," but with chiles instead. I thought it was a pretty silly idea, but figured it would keep me out of trouble for a day or two, and at least I'd be amused (even if no-one else was). However, the Jolly Jalepeno as my Aunt Merry calls it, found a new home in Texas with my pal Jill of Swag Arts before it was even half way finished! This once again proves that I am no judge of what will work and what won't - y'all remember that Skelekitty started off as my idea of a one-hit-tongue-in-cheek donation, right?

A few folks have already asked for prints so, yeah, they're available too (same price & shipping deal I mentioned above).

I started working on 8x10" plaques with the art trade I did with my friend Kit Cameo. She asked for a skull with her two kitties, and the result was Kitties For Kit. While creating this piece, I realized how fun it was to work on a relatively small canvas (I had been working on 12x24" pieces of wood). Another plus of the small size is that these works are affordable for YOU!

Kitties For Kit will not be available as a print (sorry folks - funny shape = no prints).

So today, I scored myself four new plaques - all in an ever so slightly larger 9x12" size and I'll be putting my brain to work coming up with some ideas ..... NOW.


I got nuthin'.

Well, off to bed to dream up some more "silly" ideas.