Sunday, July 5, 2009

Have a Nice Swap!

So there are a few artists (not very many, mind you) with whom I actually trade art, and Kit Cameo of Kit's Glass Etchings is one of those artists.  Her work is unique, edgy and funny and the quality of her etched pieces really cannot be beaten.  Her creations range from a custom Absinthe bottle (green, of course, complete with fairy), to lightening bolt stemmed wine glasses that just screamed for various Harry Potter designs, to tiny pirate rum bottles.
Kit and I have been kinda sorta talking about doing a swap for what seems like eons, but when I saw her Have A Nice Night etched mirror necklace, I knew I'd finally found "my" piece.

The hand molded polymer clay bat wings that seem to "fly" when you move just right are incredibly crafted.  I especially love the subtle but effective classic smiley with fangs!  I haven't tried it yet, but I understand that if you reflect light off the mirror face, you can project the fangy smiley onto the wall (note to self - torture dog and cats with this trick later).  To me though, the best part of this piece is that it makes me giggle a little bit every single time I look at it.

In exchange, Kit asked for one of my 7x7" plaques (but I worked on an 8x10" anyway - shhhhhh!  don't tell) with a traditional skull like the one I put on Grinding To A Hault (now at Hyaena Gallery in Burbank), kitties like the ones in Love Cats and a background like the one in A Brand New Sky.  I never formally gave this one a title, but I think of it as Kitties for Kit.
Kitties for Kit (final)

To see more of Kit's creations, visit her website or check out her blog!