Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Busy Week For The Skelecritters (with GIVEAWAY!)

Logan the Pirate Dog - FINAL!If you've been keeping up with Skelekitty over on her blog then this news is probably old hat for you, but I finished another painting this week.  Still working in the "jolly roger" theme, I worked up a custom painting / gift for my friend, Hezekiah, of his Weimaraner, Logan.  Hez likes him some pirates and seriously LOVES his dog, so this seemed like an obvious combination.

After much skele-nagging, I also finally "helped" Skelekitty put together her Etsy shop called "Skelekitty and Friends." While I will continue to carry Skele-prints in my own Etsy shop ( ), Skelekitty and Friends will be your official and ultimate one-stop shop for all things skelecritter.

The most popular skelecritter prints (a mere $16 each) have been posted, as well as a few which are available with hand embellishments ($25 each). Shipping is only $5, even if you order 6 prints, and be sure to ask about a discount on multiple print/card purchases, too.


I'm photographing and posting more original art AND am busy working on two new paintings already (taking advantage of how fast-drying acrylic paints are in this weather). In the meantime, head over to Etsy (where it's free to register and shop) and add Skelekitty's new shop to your favorites and you will be entered into a drawing to win a hand embellished (by me, duh) print of the Angel Kitty from Love Cats:

The print sells on Skelekitty's site for $25 each.  It will be custom embellished for the winner using metal leafing in gold, high quality art glitters, crystals (if you'd like kitty to have a sparkly collar) and, of course, love.

The winner will be chosen next Friday, July 24th from those who publicly "" Skelekitty's shop (yeah, that means you 'secret admirers' who keep your favorites under wraps won't be entered, so ya gotta 'fess up!).

So stay cool this weekend and head over to Etsy for a chance to win one of these limited-edition embellished prints.