Friday, October 24, 2008

Ya Gotta Have Cattitude

I started this piece the night before last and it just sort of finished itself. It didn't hurt that I had a difficult morning (got wrong address, misdirection, stuck in construction traffic), so I came home and vowed to paint myself into a state of calm. It totally worked.


This is another mixed media piece on a wood plaque - approx 7" across. I had a blast trying to get the black costume on the girl to have purple highlights - I succeeded by shading in black watercolor pencil, then painting over with several layers of permanent violet dark (Golden liquid acrylics) mixed with glaze. I did several layers of purple, then did a layer of black glaze and a final layer of purple. The "fishnet" stockings were a remnant of lace - the idea came to me at the last minute.

cattitude (beeswax & texture)
As usual, there are layers upon layers here including tissue paper, stars, hearts, paint, stencils, stamps, more stamps, and more. I finished this off with a layer of buffed beeswax and matching Swarovski "collars" for both characters!

cattitude (kitty detail)
Kitty has iridescent eyes!

I don't usually do this, but instead of holding this for my next show, I'm offering this piece on Etsy right off the easel. It's priced right, so you can get some holiday shopping done early or just give yourself a halloween present!