Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What Our Photographs Say About Us (the Ron & Krissi version)

Greetings from beautiful Mammoth Lakes, CA my fair readers!  It's been incredibly beautiful this week: fair skies, cool breezes, bright sun, fall trees and cold nights (we have an awesome wood stove here).  Thanks to Allyson (getting me running up and down steps in a 20 lb. weighted vest), I have acclimated to the altitude pretty well this time and even hiked over 5 miles yesterday at over 8,000 feet - not only did I not whine or complain, I was the one convincing Ron to go 'just a little further.'  LOL.  I'm a little nervous about the Ancient Bristlecone Forest (White Mountains) hike tomorrow at between 11 and 12,000 feet since last time it didn't go so well.

Here's a pic Ron took after the climb to the top of Devil's Postpile yesterday:
Me - atop Devil's Postpile

We (Ron and I) have realized that these photo-op vacations we take are calling for a second camera.  I received a Nikon DX40 for my birthday a year and a half ago and I love it.  I think we're considering the Nikon D80 as an addition soon.  Today, as we were trying not to fight over who got the camera, we realized the difference in our personal photography styles. We both like the same things when we're composing - opposing lines/colors, implied movement, textures (more me), etc.  However, I have a tendency to photograph things in uber closeup mode, showing excruciating detail while Ron tends to favor more landscapey views.


Devil's Postpile
An 'on my belly' photo

The postpile - another awesome shot

A more obvious distinction:
me - of the bridge on the Minaret Falls trail (Devil's Postpile NM)
bridge on Minaret Falls trail

Ron - from the bridge on the Minaret Falls trail (Devil's Postpile NM)
On the Minaret Falls trail

I'm in the process of uploading more photos to my Flickr account -- keep an eye there for more examples (and some HELLA awesome views of Cali).

Here's the interesting part.  I like to quilt, sew on a small scale, and when I paint, I totally dig on doing stuff with teeny tiny brushes (I started off painting small pewter D&D figurines, as did Char Hall).  Before the economy went into the toilet and I was laid off from my "day" job, I was a contract negotiator who worked in legal departments.  That means I spent gleeful days arguing over whether "must" or "shall" (or "will" or "may") would be the most advantageous to us when used in agreements.

Ron, on the other hand, is really great at seeing situations and solving problems by what we call "getting to 20,000 feet."  He likes to look outside of his own personal toolbox in order to accomplish what he needs to at work.  He's also a great manager (proven by the fact that several people who have gone to another department/company have come back just to work for him).

See what I mean?  I see detail, I photograph details.  Ron sees the big picture and photographs the same.  Interesting.  We'd clearly be unable to escape an FBI profiler (dang)....