Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Two new creations (mixed media)

At long last, here are the new pieces up at Grind & Groove in Midtown Sacramento through the end of the month (along with four quilts, a framed print and a hand painted frame). Since I have a little cold, I figured I might as well catch up on uploading photos in between naps. First,

"Star F*cker"16x11" mixed media on canvas
Star F**ker

Many of us in the art, crafts or music (or late night horror host) scene know one or two of these. The tone on tone writing reads,
"I do nothing ORIGINAL"
"but i know people who do."
"Who I know defines my worth."
newspaper clippings, sharpie markers, glitter, milagros, liquid acrylics, crystal medium and ... ummm... paper towels (Bounty, if you MUST know).


"The Catalyst" 16x11 mixed-media on canvas
The Catalyst (mixed media on canvas)
Cohort or alter-ego to the Star F*cker, the Catalyst enjoys creating volatile situations among her "friends" and sitting back to enjoy the explosion. Since she is not, by her very nature, consumed by the process of catalysis, she is able to create many such reactions.
liquid acrylics, digital transfers with gel medium & crystal medium

Both paintings are available at Grind & Groove in Midtown Sacramento until the end of the month (or through me if you're out of town).

Critiques, questions and usolicited advice (on the techniques, not my relationships) are welcome from fellow arteests and crafty fiends.