Friday, August 15, 2008

Random SEVERE Cuteness

Here are a couple of photos (sorry for the cameraphone quality) I took after my workout at Body Tribe today. Allyson is my super-awesome personal trainer who has gotten me to do stuff I never would have thought possible ... while smiling, no less.

Lulu is Al's first dog, and she (Lulu) is very cute, energetic, smart and eager to please. Lu and I have our own routine when I enter the gym and while I workout, but as soon as I'm getting ready to leave, she either takes a nap or goes to the r-i-v-e-r (we have to spell it in front of her). Today, the r... trip was early in the day, so Lu was tired and snuggly after her exhausting hour of warming me up (dog chasing) and then watching me lift.

Al asks Lulu if she needs a hug...
Al asks Lulu if she needs a hug

Awwwww! Dog hug!

I warned you about the severe cuteness. Here's a little more, if you can stand it.

Right after C!nder's little girl, Lily, started walking, she saw Lulu doing this to me at a Body Tribe art show. As soon as Lu left, Lily came over, put one leg over mine and leaned in for a "dog hug." I dig that kid.